6 Types of Stair Treads – What to know before choosing various types.

Zigzag stairs with American red oak treads and top rail.

Know your options before selecting the perfect stair tread for your project.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, designing a staircase to fit your design style and lifestyle is an important consideration. Once you have decided on a type of stairs it is time to decide what type of stair tread to choose. There are plenty of tread styles and materials to choose from to complement your home’s design. Whether your home is modern, contemporary, rustic or traditional there is a style to fit your requirements.

At Keuka Studios, we design our staircases to accommodate your preferred style of stair treads.

What types of stair treads are there?

Various Types of materials are available and include – Wood, Glass, Tile, Composite, Stone, and Steel.

1. Wood Treads

With wood, it is important to consider if your project is for the interior or exterior of your home.  Many wood species do not hold up well in the outdoor weather elements so choosing an appropriate type of wood should be carefully considered. In addition, it is important to consider the wood grain, how it is sawn, and the construction of the stair tread.

For interior staircases, there are a variety of woods available to choose from for your project that will add different aesthetics to your decor. Some of the more popular varieties are Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Walnut, and Distressed Woods.

Red Oak is readily available has a reddish-brown appearance and is considered hard and heavy with medium bending strength. It adds a sense of warmth to the decor.

Floating stair treads against stone wall. Treads are Red Oak with Steel stringer structure.

White Oak is slightly lighter in color than red oak and is a heavy hardwood with medium bending strength.  White Oak has become very popular in modern design as it tends to have a straighter more linear grain than red oak. Using white oak lightens up a room. It is not recommended for aesthetic outdoor tread applications as it turns black quickly with weather (although it does resist rot quite well). 

Keuka Studios custom stairs and railing made with white Oak Treads and glass railing.

White Oak stair treads crafted using a lock-mitered box-style construction to discreetly conceal the steel support structure for the cantilevered staircase project. As an alternate style of stair tread construction that can be used depending on the application.

Hard Maple is a creamy white with a slight reddish-brown tinge and is generally straight-grained it has a high resistance to abrasion and wear making it a good solid choice for stairs and landings.

Maple staircase with maple handrail.

Walnut is a tough hardwood, the sapwood is creamy white, while the heartwood is light to dark brown. The dark wood is typically the most sought after so expect to pay more as much of the sapwood will be unusable.

Distressed Wood is often just reclaimed lumber from an old barn or factory where years of heavy use have added some character to the wood. Alternatively, it could be newer wood that has been mechanically stressed and finished to give that distressed look. Either way, it can add a textured, rustic appeal. This can be desirable in a high-traffic area as any additional wear over time will just add to the character of the wood.

Distressed wood treads on rustic industrial staircase.

Brazillian Cherry is a very strong hardwood that is considerably harder than most woods. It is a mostly straight-grained hardwood with rich color and reddish undertones that add warmth and elegance to any room. With time and exposure to light, the wood may darken. It is not recommended for damp or high-humidity environments due to the natural ability of the wood to store water.

Cherry Wood Treads on stairs, landing and hand rail

In addition, it is popular to whitewash or bleach wood to give it an antique distressed look while lightening the surface of the wood. Sometimes pigment is added prior to the finish coat allowing the natural grain to pop more.

Antiqued knotty pine was selected for the treads on this staircase to complement the wide-aged pine board flooring on this Nantucket home. Pine is a softer wood that will more easily wear over time than hardwoods.

For exterior staircases, ironwoods are recommended such as Ipe or Cumaru. Additionally, although much softer redwood and cedar are good options since they stand up better than other species to the elements. To maintain the natural beauty of these woods they require regular oiling and care, or they can be left exposed to the elements to age to a grayish appearance.

Keuka Studios can provide stair treads and landings in your wood of choice, to be finished on-site by your contractor.

2. Glass Treads

Choosing glass stair treads with a steel floating stair stringer system will create a stunning architectural element in your home. There are dozens of varieties of colors, patterns,  textures, and finishes available in glass. One important consideration is to choose a tread that has a non-slip surface. In addition, would you prefer LED lighting for the treads? The combination of glass tread combined with LED lighting can add a dramatic effect to the overall aesthetic of the staircase. At Keuka Studios we have the capability to create steel stair stringers to accommodate glass treads and hide the LED lighting wires. 

Glass Stair Treads on floating steel stringer stairs with led lighting.

Ladder Stair to rooftop deck glass treads and LED lighting

3. Tile Treads

Tile stair treads can be a beautiful and durable alternative to wood. They have the advantage of not needing oiling or ongoing maintenance since they won’t decay or attract insects. Many of today’s tiles simulate the look of wood. We can design and fabricate steel stair tread pans to accommodate the selected style of tile tread or pavers.

tile treads with custom stair support and stringers.

4. Composite Treads

Composite materials resist fading, scratching, and mold, they don’t rot, crack, or splinter. They are durable and require minimal maintenance. For this project below to accommodate composite decking on floating stairs, we designed a steel support system for the treads, and the railing posts connect to the steel stringer below the steps.

Composite treads on floating cable railing staircase.
Exterior Deck Staircase with composite decking.

5. Stone Treads

Bluestone is the most common stone tread currently trending for outdoor stair applications. Bluestone treads have a grayish-blue color and are typically 2 inches thick. They add durability and beauty to any outdoor staircase with minimal maintenance required. In addition, they blend naturally with the adjacent landscape. 

Limestone can be used for treads on interior and exterior stair projects. It is a natural stone that can be easily shaped and cut to any size. Limestone is highly durable and is widely available. It is available in a variety of color variants ranging from honey creams to grays. Limestone can be polished to the desired finish. It is important to seal limestone to prevent staining.

Limestone treads on a steel stair with keuka curved cable railing system

Travertine Stone on the interior floating stairs of this home adds a dramatic and beautiful elegance to the decor. Travertine is durable and has a natural non-slip textured surface, making it an excellent choice for stair treads. Since Travertine is more porous than many other stones it is important to seal it to resist staining. Paired with a glass railing, brass handrails, clamps, and kick plates result in an exquisite staircase.

Interior floating stairs with travertine treads, brass hand rails and glass standoffs

Brownstone Steps are featured on this curved exterior staircase, leading from the beach to the rooftop deck. The stair system was specifically designed and engineered to support the added weight of the stone treads. Brownstone, a type of sandstone, is appreciated for its ease of workability and ability to be shaped. Maintaining brownstone typically involves cleaning and applying breathable water-repellent coatings to preserve its appearance. Its warm aesthetic adds to the overall appeal.

6. Steel Treads

Metal stair treads are strong and offer rustic industrial styling. Steel treads pair beautifully with open-beam architecture and are often preferred on spiral staircases. With metal treads, providing some sort of slip protection is important. This could be in the form of a diamond plate surface, metal grating or a series of hole patterns in the treads.

Spiral staircase with steel treads.

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At Keuka Studios, we custom-fabricate stairs and railings to fit your style and space. We make our stair stringers to accommodate the type of treads you choose. We can provide you with wood, glass, and steel treads for our staircases. All you have to do is choose your style.

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Distinctive Double Stringer Stair Styles

Double stringer stair with wood treads and cable railing

Not all double-stringer (or dual-stringer) stairs are created the same way. At Keuka Studios we like to push the boundaries to create an inspired design, and high-quality double-stringer stair that is both innovative and meets your vision for your project.

Double Stringer Design Styles

Double-stringer stairs boast two stringers supporting the stair treads. Double stringer stair styles can be customized from various materials, including laser-cut sheet metal, round, rectangular, or square tubes, c-channel, or I-beams. Each design offers a distinct aesthetic appeal, from sleek and modern to charmingly rustic or boldly industrial.

Tread Material Impacts Design

The design of the stair stringers must accommodate the specific characteristics and load-bearing requirements of the chosen stair tread material. While, wood remains the favored choice for stair treads, alternatives such as steel, stone, glass, and tile are additional options. Each material presents unique challenges regarding its strength and susceptibility to breakage, necessitating careful consideration in the stair design. For example, stone has very little tensile strength, therefore it typically requires a steel substrate underneath most of its length for support. Hardwood, on the other hand, with sufficient thickness can cover larger spans with much less support.

Aesthetic and Load Capacity

Furthermore, it is imperative to consider various factors for affixing the stringer plates to the wall and the floor. This includes deciding the aesthetic preference regarding whether to conceal or prominently display the stringer plates. The size of the stringers must be carefully designed to minimize deflections and vibrations. Finally, examining the building framing/structure that the stringer will connect to and evaluating the load-bearing capacity is essential.

Explore this array of double-stringer stair styles created by our talented designers and fabricators.

Hidden dual sringer stair with wood treads and wood handrail with cable railing.
Hidden Stringer Slices through the Treads
Double stringer stair styles - Hollow form duo stringer with wood treads and completely concealed hardware and glass railing.
Hollow Form Stringer with Hidden fasteners
C-channel stair with two stringers and steel treads.
C-Channel Straight Stair
Doubele stringer steel staircase with wood treads and cable railings. The treads have unique concealed LED lighting
Double Stringer Sawtooth

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At Keuka Studios, we custom fabricate residential and commercial stairs and railings to fit your style, space, and requirements. To learn more about how each railing project moves from vision to reality, take a look at our custom railing design process. We take pride in building premium craftsman-quality and commercial-grade cable railings for interior and exterior applicationsContact us to get your project started.

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LED Lighted Railings and Stairs

LED light cable railing system

Creative, Custom Solutions

Indoors and outdoors alike, LED lighted railings add to both the functionality and ambiance of a given space. Whether you’re hoping to set a romantic mood for your restaurant patio or are looking to light up your interior staircase for nighttime visibility, architectural LED lighting is a stylish solution.

At Keuka Studios, we understand that every project is different and requires some creative engineering. When it comes to lighting, concealing wires and accessing power sources may present a challenge. However, our designers are committed to coming up with innovative solutions for the unique demands of your project.

Explore several railings and staircases with LED lighting designed and fabricated by Keuka Studios for your next project.

Cable Railings with LED Lighting

Cable railing systems designed and crafted by Keuka Studios bring a modern, sophisticated look to decks, balconies, terraces, and stairs. Many of our clients, both home and business owners, request LED lighting for their railings so they can make the most of their outdoor spaces. At Keuka Studios, our engineers can incorporate the LED lighting system of your choice into a custom cable railing system.

How our designers accommodate the lights, wires, and access to a power source will depend on the style and materials you choose for your railing posts and top rail. If you want spotlight-style LED lights, one option is to use aluminum tubing and run the wires through the top rail. Using this method, allows us to craft a rail with custom cutouts for spotlight-style LED lights. Once you have selected your lighting system we custom design our railings to work with the system of choice.

With LED lighting, the options are unlimited. You can opt for classic white lights or colored lights. Also available are dimming or pulsing lights. Whatever your style, Keuka Studios will help you create your perfect illuminated space.

-LED Lighted Cable Railings Top Rail

We worked with a commercial customer who chose the LEDPOD 40 by KLIK Systems. For the deck railings of their Wedding Venue. With this design, light faces down from beneath the top rail and it reflects off the stainless steel cable infill below, illuminating them as well. Most commonly, our clients request under-rail lighting to illuminate the whole perimeter of the space.

Slide for More Detail:

-Terraced Patio Bar with LED Lighted Railings

For this terraced patio bar at the Sequoia restaurant in Washington, D.C. we incorporated LEDpod night lighting into the underside of the round handrail. All of the wires are concealed within the posts and the handrails. The LEDpod lighting has the effect of lighting the walkways while adding ambiance to the dining experience.

Led Lighted railing on exterior bar railing
LED Lighted Top Railing

Staircases with LED Lighting

LED lighting has also become popular with our custom stair customers. To achieve a modern look and to light the way, clients often request built-in lights for stair treads, risers, or stringers. How we incorporate the lights will depend on the style and materials of your staircase. For ideas, take a look at a couple of our staircases with LED lighting systems:

-LED Lighted Spiral Stair Risers

This exterior spiral staircase features LED lights on each riser and connects to a deck railing system with under-rail lights. As shown in the accompanying drawings, the circuit runs up the center column of the spiral staircases, and the wires run beneath each tread to connect the LED lights embedded in the risers. Each light has a custom machined metal diffuser that guides the light downward to prevent glare while ascending the steps. 

Slide for More Detail:

-Zig Zag Stair With Lighted Treads

Keuka Studios designed this zigzag staircase and cable railing system for a client in Greenwich, Connecticut. To brighten the walkway and match the customer’s unique hanging light fixture, we added LED light strips to the underside of each stair tread. A brushed stainless steel riser was used to add a bit of dazzle to the project.

LED lighted zig zag staircase modern staircase.

-Floating Stair With Lighted Glass Treads

We custom-created this lighted glass tread, steel stringer stairs, and cable railing system for the interior of a client’s home in Knoxville, Tennessee. The lighting system for the glass treads is fed up through the wall and into the end of each tread. This creates a warm glow that transitions across the glass tread.

Glass stair treads on metal floating stairs with LED lighting on the treads.

Floating Stair Stringer with LED Lighting

A client in Ogunquit, ME decided to have LED lighting in their floating stair stringer to provide light for navigating the stairs and add ambiance to the space. We custom-made the steel stringer to conceal the wires of the LED lighting with cutouts to accommodate the chosen lights. The effect is a warm welcoming glow to their home entry and stairs.

floating stair with LED lighting in the stringer

Handrails with LED Lighting

Our talented design and fabrication team artfully created a unique cable railing system and handrail for an office building in Seattle, Washington. The objective of the design of the handrails was to add LED lighting on both sides of the stairs while hiding the wiring within the railing and posts. The added lighting provides ambiance and light for navigating the stairs.

Open stiarcase with cable railings and LED lighting in the handrails

-Stair Treads with Built-in Light Bar

In the design of this mono-stringer floating stair, a sophisticated LED light bar is cleverly embedded beneath the stair treads, concealing the wiring for the lighting in the treads and stringer. Furthermore, the overall stair design effectively conceals all attachment hardware for the treads, resulting in a streamlined and elegant aesthetic.

Up close view of an LED light bar uniquely concealed in the bottom of a floating stair tread

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While our engineers create innovative ways to incorporate LED lights into our unique cable railing systems and stairs, every project requires custom accommodations. If you’re interested in railing with LED lighting, we recommend you contact us to discuss your ideas. Interested in LED lighting for your stairs or cable railing? Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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Elevate Your Entrance with a Modern Staircase

Open floating staircase allows natural light through the spindles in a home entrance.

Crafting an exquisite entrance staircase requires a combination of artistry, functionality, and engineering. Your home’s entry staircase is more than just a means to transition between floors, it is also a statement of your personality and style. By blending elements like glass, cable, metal, stone, or wood you can create a variety of staircase styles including modern, contemporary, minimalist, rustic, and formal.

A well-designed staircase not only facilitates vertical movement but also optimizes space utilization. The ergonomics of the staircase, including the rise and tread dimensions, handrail placement, and overall layout, play a pivotal role in ensuring user comfort and safety.

Regardless of whether the staircase adopts a curved, spiral, straight, bifurcated, or multi-level configuration, it must intricately interact with the architectural framework of the building to provide the necessary support for the stairs. As stair builders, we consider your unique existing site requirements during our design process.

Explore several staircases designed and fabricated by Keuka Studios for your next project.

Entrance staircase located in an open concept home that curves from the front door to the upper level. Adorned with cable railings and wood treads.

Open Concept Curved Foyer Stair

The objective of this home remodel was to eliminate the traditional closed-in stairwell by implementing a gracefully curved mono-stringer staircase. We creatively designed and fabricated the curving mono-stringer staircase to be complemented by our cable railing system creating an open spacious atmosphere with light flowing throughout.

The result is an entrance with a minimalist and sophisticated ambiance.

Grand entrance bifurcated staircase that leads to both ends of the upper level living space.

Grand Entrance Split Staircase

This home’s architecture showcases a contemporary central entrance with a split staircase that provides access to the living spaces situated at opposite ends of the home’s second story and the open great room. We built this mono-stringer staircase with our curved Keuka-style cable railing system. The metal stringers and railings complement the exposed structural steel while the thick White Oak treads and handrails add some warmth to the design.

Framed staircase cable railing in the entrance of a modern rustic home.

Refined and Rustic

A Blend of natural and rustic materials with a refined finish creates an inviting ambiance in this home’s entry. The knotty wood floors strike a pleasing balance with the hardwood door and ribboned wood stairs. Keuka Studios fabricated a surface-mounted framed cable railing system that complements the wood staircase as it wraps its way up the stairs.

Framed glass railing wraps the staircase and balcony of a modern home entry.

Modern Minimalist Entry Stair with Glass Railing

Sleek and minimalist, this staircase features slim metal framed glass railing posts and a wooden handrail that gracefully wraps along the stairs and across the balcony. The handrail creates a cascading effect from the top to the bottom of the stairs. The railing posts are ultra-thin and surface-mounted on the thick white oak wood treads. All of the hardware is completely concealed creating a seamless aesthetic.

Grand foyer with symetry, elegance and a center staircase.

Contemporary and Formal Grand Entry

A contemporary home entry features a central staircase. Combining the glamour of glass with symmetry in the architectural design and interior decor. This magnificent foyer combines high ceilings and architectural details creating a modern, refined, and stylish entry. The client requested that the floating stair and railing posts be finished in a color that looks like copper to accent the interior decor.

Modern and artistic vestibule with simple lines and artistic furniture

Modern and Artistic Vestibule

In the seamless fusion of clean lines and simplicity, an artistic and creative ambiance is meticulously crafted. The entrance exudes a captivating sense of symmetry, accentuated by the front door and cable railing system that come together in an aesthetically pleasing harmony. The design narrative unfolds with an exquisite interplay of bold patterns and meticulously crafted artistic furniture, serving to elevate the space.

The cable railing is our Ithaca style with black cables and fittings.

Elegant stair with travertine stone and glass railing.

Elegant Stone and Glass Entrance Stairs

The travertine stone seamlessly conceals the steel support structure of the staircase. Furthermore, a glass railing with hidden hardware enhances the illusion of the staircase appearing to float.

We custom-built the steel support structure to accommodate the stone and glass.

This design results in a contemporary and artistic home entrance characterized by sleek lines.

Grand foyer wtih polished wood floors, mon stringer stair and cable railings.

Formal and Refined Foyer

This formal foyer exudes a warm and welcoming ambiance. Featuring polished Brazilian cherry floors that harmonize with the stair treads and handrails. The high ceilings introduce architectural intrigue as one steps into the home. The open staircase and cable railing allow natural daylight to stream through the windows bathing the two-story foyer in a luminous glow.

Modern floating staircase with spindle railings in grand entrance of moder home.

Modern and Simple Spindle Style

The entrance staircase gracefully juxtaposes against the pristine white walls, creating a stunning visual contrast and an open, inviting atmosphere. The minimalist stair design with clean and uncluttered lines was achieved through meticulous engineering and attention to detail. Clever solutions were implemented to make sure the stairs and railings flowed elegantly like a ribbon while discreetly concealing the hardware.

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Pedestrian Ramp Railing Requirements

Pedestrian ramp walkway with stainless steel handrail on one side, and cable railings and handrail on the other side.

A pedestrian ramp is a sloped walkway located indoors or outdoors that is used for easier access to an elevated floor level. A sloped ramp is one option for making a building or public place accessible, others include a lift. or an elevator. A ramp is provided in public places for individuals with disabilities, who use a wheelchair, or individuals who have difficulty maneuvering stairs. In addition, a ramp creates easier access for wheeled items like baby carriages, luggage, or grocery carts.

When are railings required on ramps?

Ramps are required in public spaces at any point where an elevation change occurs and would typically be addressed with stairs.

Ramp Railing Requirements

  • Location – Handrails are required on both sides of a ramp with a rise greater than 6 inches
  • Mounting – Handrails can be floor-mounted or wall-mounted.
  • Handrail Graspbility – Circular handrails must have a diameter between 1-1/4 and 2 inches. If the handrail is not circular, it should have a perimeter dimension of 4 inches minimum and 6.25 inches maximum.
  • Extension – The leading edges of the handrail must extend horizontally, a minimum of 12 inches past the ends of the ramp. This applies to both the top and the bottom of the ramp.
  • Extension Return – Handrail extensions must return to the guard wall or floor to avoid entanglement with clothing or other materials.
  • Height – The railing must be a consistent height along the ramp typically at 34-38 inches.
  • Clearance – Handrail clearance of 1-1/2 inches between the gripping surface of the handrail and the adjacent surface is required.
  • Contrast: Handrails should have a color or finish that contrasts with the adjacent surfaces, making them more visible to people with visual impairments.
  • Maneurving Space – The center space between the handrails must be at least 36 inches to provide room for wheelchairs and pedestrians to maneuver along the ramp.
  • Slope – The maximum allowable slope for ramps to ensure they are safely navigable for individuals with mobility impairments. The maximum slope for a ramp is 1:12. In layman’s terms this means that for every inch of rise, there should be 12 inches of ramp length.
  • Landings – Ramps must have level landings at the top and bottom, and depending on the ramp, at intervals along the ramp, to provide resting places and turning spaces. Intermediate landings are required in ramps that have a total rise exceeding 30 inches. Intermediate landings must be provided at intervals not exceeding 30 inches of vertical rise. If a ramp changes direction at a landing, the minimum landing size should be 60 inches by 60 inches. If a ramp makes a 180-degree turn at a landing, the minimum landing size should be 60 inches by 60 inches in the direction of the turn and 48 inches by 48 inches in the opposite direction.

Edge Protection Requirements for Ramps

Edge protection shall be included on ramps higher than 1/2 inch. The purpose of this is to keep wheelchair casters and crutches on the surface of the ramp. This can be accomplished with 4-inch height curbs, barrier rails, or by extending the surface past the rail by at least 12 inches. Barrier rails must be designed to prevent the passage of a 4-inch diameter sphere.

Interior Pedestrian ramp at casino sports betting facility with ADA handrails

A handicapped ramp must comply with building codes and comply with ADA standards. Also, many municipalities may impose additional regulations. Consult local guidelines, along with federal codes and ADA requirements, for pedestrian ramp railing installations.

For more information refer to these references

Code of Federal Regulations Title 28 Part 36

ADA standards for accessible design

IBC Section 1012 Ramps

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Sleek Stainless Steel Cable and Glass Railing Ideas

Stainless steel railing posts on mahogany stairs and top rail

The sleek aesthetic of stainless steel cable and railings makes a beautiful design accent for decks, stairs, and balconies. Stainless steel has a clean modern appearance while being durable with minimal maintenance. Stainless can have a brushed, mirrored, or powder-coated finish to create the desired design effect. Whether for an interior or exterior railing project we customize our stair and railing designs to fit your requirements.

modern staircase and LED lighted treads

Ultra-modern Stainless Railing and Stairs

To achieve the desired ultra-modern aesthetic for this home we created a floating zig zag stringer staircase with 316 stainless steel cables and railing posts. To accent the steps and create ambiance as well as light the stairway, we included brushed stainless steel risers that reflect the under-mounted LED lighting. These cool design elements resulted in a one-of-a-kind modern staircase.

Vertical and Horizontal Stainless Steel Cable Railing

An important design element for this home was to provide a seamless flow between the home to the patio, poolside spaces, and beyond to the ocean beaches. Equally important was to create a serene place to relax without impeding the ocean views. This clever combination of vertical and horizontal cable railings achieves this result while adhering to national pool regulations. The railings have mahogany top rails that conceal strips of LED lights to provide ambiance for nighttime entertaining. The 316 stainless steel railing posts are finished with a number 6 brushed polish. Stainless steel escutcheon plates were CNC machined to perfectly fit the posts and conceal the mounting plates.

Deck cable railing in our Chicago style made of 316ss

Rustic Industrial Stainless Deck Railings

Chosen for its angular design and open cutouts our Chicago-style cable railing system adds a sleek contemporary look to any home. The industrial elements of the home include an exposed timber beam structure with large metal flanges and bolts. This combination of warm woods, clad siding, and stone create a refined and rustic appeal. Since this is a coastal home the cable railing posts are made of type 316 stainless steel and are designed to be fascia mounted to the deck.

View of Villa on the ocean with infinity edge pools and sleek stainless steel cable railings

Sleek and Sophisticated Stainless Railings

Located in Oil Nut Bay is a luxurious private community on the eastern end of Virgin Gorda in the BVI. It features a stunning beachfront, upscale villas, and world-class amenities.

When a hurricane took out the original metal railing system on this villa, the owners decided to replace it with our sleek and sophisticated high-quality 316 stainless steel Ithaca-style cable railing system. The clean lines and slim posts add a touch of elegance to the exterior of the villa. The cable infill has a transparent appearance and was the perfect choice to maintain the unobstructed views of the azure ocean waters.

Mirror polished stainless steel cable railing on balcony, stairs and decks in an ocean front setting

Mirror Polished Stainless Railings

Mirror-polished stainless steel cable railings bring a sense of glamour and sophistication to this villa situated in the British Virgin Islands. Specifically tailored for the interior balconies, stairs, and exterior decks, these railings seamlessly blend into the surroundings, allowing the azure ocean waters to serve as a breathtaking backdrop.

Our Ithaca-style cable railings are surface mounted on the decks and balcony and fascia mounted on the stairs and made of 316 stainless steel.

Sleek Brushed Stainless Steel Cable Railing by Keuka Studios

Simply Sleek Stainless Steel Cable and Railing

As a fashion designer, this client has an eye for minimalist design. Her objective was to eliminate the appearance of joints on her railing to create a clean modern aesthetic. We were asked to design and build a stainless steel cable railing that would optimize the view and not distract the eye. She chose our Ithaca Style cable railing system for its thin posts. Since the home is located on the ocean the railing material chosen for this project is solid 316ss for the railing posts and top rail. Paying attention to every detail even the decking was designed without joints.

Nautical Style Stainless Steel with Cable and Glass

Coastal homes featuring a nautical interior design have an inviting and relaxed beachy vibe. This style for a staircase can be achieved in a variety of ways. For a couple of beach houses pictured above, we collaborated with the designers on different approaches. One homeowner preferred to use a combination of stainless steel cable connecting to wide white wood newel posts with brushed stainless round handrails. The other design style uses a glass infill with brushed stainless steel rectangular posts, round handrails, and nautical-style lighting in the stairwell. Both stair railing projects complement the charming shiplap wall paneling.

Before and After

Modern Minimal Transformation

A sleek transformation replaces a dated wood stair railing with slim stainless steel railing posts and cables. The level railing was designed to use fascia-mounted stainless steel posts along the top of the stairwell and surface-mounted posts on the steps. The cable infill creates a more visually pleasing unobstructed view making the overall space feel more open and larger. Also, the new handrail is more easily graspable than the old version.

At Keuka Studios, we custom fabricate residential and commercial stairs and railings to fit your style, space, and requirements. To learn more about how each cable railing project moves from vision to reality, take a look at our custom railing design process. We take pride in building craftsman-quality and commercial-grade cable railings for interior and exterior applications. Contact us to get started on your project.

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Popular Floating Stair Styles

floating stiar and cable railing in open concept home with a large window eall

Curious about the latest trends in interior staircases? At the forefront of architects’ visions for residential projects nationwide, we specialize in custom designing and building stairs and railings that elevate the aesthetic of homes. We meticulously tailor our staircases to align with the unique specifications outlined by our clients.

Stair design styles can be crafted in diverse forms, encompassing options such as single or double floating stringers, or cantilevered designs. Railings offer versatility with choices like cable, glass, or spindle styles. Stair treads are available in an array of materials such as wood, and steel or can be made to accommodate a variety of types of stone. If desired, the added touch of LED lighting can be seamlessly integrated into the staircase.

We are sharing these ideas as a source of inspiration for your next interior staircase project.

Take a look at these trending staircase designs.

7 Floating Stair Design Styles

Cantilever Stair with wood treads and glass railings featurign LED lighting

Cantilever Stair with Glass Railing

Creating a striking focal point at the entrance of this home this cantilever stair perfectly combines form with function. The transparency of the glass adds a sense of spaciousness and the sleek design hiding the support structure and hardware adds refinement to the modern contemporary style.

Unique Attributes

-The steel support structure and tread supports are concealed.

-The wood treads accommodate the LED lighting.

-The wood tread caps conceal the glass hardware connections.

See this project in our gallery.

Floating single stringer staircase with spindle railings and wood treads.

Single Stringer Stair with Spindle Railing

Our exquisite single-stringer staircase with spindle railing uniquely blends simplicity and elegance. This stairway features a single, sleek central stringer; not only is it structural, but it also makes a visual statement.

A timeless spindle railing adorns the staircase. The carefully spaced spindles provide a subtle yet stylish enclosure, adding a touch of refinement to the overall aesthetic.

Uniques Attributes

-Spindles and wood top rail flow like a ribbon without interruption along the entire staircase.

See this project in our gallery

Zig Zag double stringer stair with wood treads and cable railings

Zig Zag Floating Stair with Cable Railing

A captivating design this zig-zag double-stringer floating staircase combines innovation with sophistication. The stringers, appear to elegantly slice through each tread. The sleek Ithaca-style cable railing system perfectly complements and enhances the staircase, creating an open and airy ambiance.

Unique Attribute

-The steel zig zag stringer seamlessly cuts through each tread.

Floatng Stair and Landing with cable railijngs

Floating Stair and Landing with Cable Railing

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this floating staircase and landing features a single, sleek mono stringer and cable railing. The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity and the illusion of weightlessness, creating a breathtaking floating effect. Showcased in the heart of the great room with a window wall the natural light flows throughout the space.

Unique Attribute

-The landing appears to be floating with a minimal support structure

-Cable railing system is the Ithaca Style

See this project in our gallery

Double Stringer stair with hidden hardware and glass railing

Hollow Form Style Stair with Glass Railing

Crafted with precision and innovation the hollow form style of the double stringer adds a touch of architectural refinement to the staircase. The hidden hardware of the stair treads adds to the clean lines and simplistic appearance. Adorned with a glass railing it allows for natural light to flow throughout the space.

Unique Attribute

-The hardware to attach the treads is concealed within the wood. offering a super clean look.

Cantilevers Stair with cable railing and hidden support structure in stone wall

Cantilever Floating Stair with Cable Railing

Our contemporary cantilever staircase boasts a sleek and simplistic design. Each step gracefully extends from the concealed support structure, crafting a minimalist aesthetic that seemingly defies gravity. The hidden ingenuity seamlessly infuses a touch of architectural sophistication; moreover, slender cables ensure an uninterrupted view, thereby adding to the staircase’s modern allure

Unique Attribute

-The wood treads conceal the tread supports.

-The wall conceals a hidden support structure.

-The cable railing system is the Ithaca style.

See this project in our gallery

Glass railing with brass handrail on floating stair with traverting treads

Floating Stair with Glass and Brass Railing

Sophistication and elegance combine in the aesthetic of this modern floating stair. The custom-made brass handrails and glass standoffs add a touch of opulence to this staircase. Each tread is crafted from travertine and the glass railing adds to the open atmosphere.

Unique Attribute

-Custom-made brass handrails and glass standoffs

-Tread supports made to accommodate the weight of stone treads.

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At Keuka Studios, we custom fabricate residential and commercial stairs and railings to fit your style, space, and requirements. To learn more about how each cable railing project moves from vision to reality, take a look at our custom railing design process. We take pride in building craftsman-quality and commercial-grade cable railings for interior and exterior applications. Contact us to get your project started.

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Inspiring Hamptons Stair and Railing Projects

Living room with modern floating spindle stairs and window wall

Modern stairs and railings crafted for Homes in the Hamptons

The Hamptons located on Long Island is made up of a variety of beach towns and award-winning vineyards with a rural atmosphere, and historic charm. Widely known as an exclusive summer destination to escape from the city, and viewed as a summer playground, or a place to relax and enjoy the pristine waters. The architecture of the area boasts a variety of charming homes from traditional colonial styles to modern mansions. We have designed and fabricated a variety of stairs and railings for homes in the Hamptons.

These projects will inspire your next renovation or new build. See something you like? Contact us for a quote.

East Hampton

Floating Spindle Stair and Railing Project

Quarter turn stairs and railing project with pencils spindles

A work of art this floating staircase flows elegantly between floors with a continuous oak handrail. The steel stringers appear as if they float in thin air, and each spindle is perfectly placed. This streamlined railing is constructed of powder-coated steel with thick white oak treads and handrails.

Floating stairs with pencil railings.

Placed directly in front of a two-story window the vertical lines of the staircase balustrade blend beautifully with the modern aesthetic of this cube-style home.

Deck Cable Railing System

Deck Cable Rail System made with slim posts on modern beach house

This beach house was designed with a low profile, and clean lines to sit in harmony with the natural surroundings. The Ithaca Style cable railing system was chosen for this project since it perfectly complements the simplistic lines of this modern beach house. The posts and top rail are made of matte black powder-coated aluminum. The cable railing system is custom-made to transition along the deck, second-story decks, and stairs up to the crow’s nest.


Black Cable Railings

Timber frame structure with floating staircase and cable railings in center of home.

A truly unique stairwell design combines rustic and refined elements in this modern farmhouse. The reclaimed wooden beams add a weathered texture, contrasting with the smooth white oak treads and handrails. The cable railing is made with black cables and fittings. The Ithaca Style railing posts are a custom powder-coat color to match the home’s window trim.

Modern farm house with black cable railing system on floating stairs and balcony.

Striking in its simplicity the slim straight balusters and linear design of the railings accent the home’s neutral pallet.

Stainless Cable Railing

Covered master bedroom deck with stainless steel cable railing system and gray posts overlooking pool area.

The crisp clean lines of the master bedroom balcony railing with thin railing posts provide the required functionality while seeming to disappear from the view. The cable ends are attached to the home’s structure with our unique fittings eliminating the requirement for additional posts. The same railing style is used for the interior and exterior creating synergy in the design of the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Floating Stairs and Landings with Cable Railings

Open dining room with large windows and floating stairs.

This Westhampton residence was meticulously planned to feature spacious, interconnected rooms with a seamless flow and plenty of natural light. Therefore, they chose an open stair design that includes floating stairs and landings with open risers and the Ithaca Style cable railings.


Exterior Stair and Balcony Cable Railings

Cable railings for entrance stairs and upper level balcony.

The design objective of this modern home with floor-to-ceiling windows and a distinctive wide main entry stair was to maintain the open views. Cable railings were chosen to ascend the stairs and wrap the porch and balcony. The Ithaca Style railing is made with thin posts and a wood top rail which maximizes the views.

Glass Interior Stair Railings

Glass railing balustrade on floating stairs.

A free-standing modern straight staircase with glass railing balustrades and metal posts gives this railing a transparent appearance. Placed adjacent to the window it seamlessly brings the outdoors, indoors and allows for streaming sunlight throughout. The posts include escutcheon plates to hide the mounting hardware. The glass balustrade is mounted to the posts with stainless steel clamps.

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Floating Stair Ideas

At Keuka Studios, we custom fabricate residential and commercial stairs and railings to fit your style, space, and requirements. To learn more about how each cable railing project moves from vision to reality. Take a look at our custom railing design process. We take pride in building craftsman-quality and commercial-grade stairs and railings for interior and exterior applications. Contact us to get started on your project.

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5 Cool Catwalk Cable Railings-Interior Design Ideas

A well-designed open interior can make a small space feel larger or add grandeur to a large space. By adding floor-to-ceiling windows and a catwalk to the design, natural light will easily flow throughout the home. In addition, catwalks create a place to pause and take in the panoramic landscape window views. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, a catwalk could be just the architectural detail to make your space feel lighter and add a wow factor to your home.

Concrete Log home with glass block bridge catwalk.

Glass Bridge and Curved Railing Catwalk

To bring the outdoors in, this log home was designed with floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the natural light and picturesque mountain views. This home perfectly combines rustic and modern, by using cable railings and glass block on the narrow bridge connecting the bedroom spaces to the reading loft. Keuka Studios provided the curved cable railing system for the interior and exterior of this home.

Narrow bridge catwalk overlooking a large living space.

Rustic Timbers and Modern Black Railings

This grand home entry blends rustic timber beams with modern railings resulting in an open space full of light and a minimalist feel. Large walls of windows are located on both sides of the room with an open bridge walkway that was constructed to connect the second-level living spaces. This catwalk and staircase feature our Keuka Studios Ithaca Style cable railing system with black cable and fittings.

Double floating winder stair with catwalk and curved cable railing system.

Contemporary Catwalk and Single Stringer Winder Stairs

Stone, Steel, and wood were combined to make this grand entry staircase and catwalk. The curved railing system seamlessly transitions up the winder stairs and across the narrow bridge catwalk. Keuka Studios custom fabricated the single-stringer stairs and railing system for this home. The railing is our curved Keuka Style with stainless steel cables and thick oak treads and top rail.

Interior bridge catwalk with cable railing, stone walls and wood floors.

Rustic and Refined Interior Bridge

This open-concept design harmoniously blends the warmth of wood with sturdy stone walls while an abundance of windows infuses the interior space with a seamless connection with nature, Our Ithaca-style cable railing system was chosen for this project. The posts were engineered to be under-mounted preserving the sleek and minimalist appearance.

Minimalist railing on modern home with catwalk over looking living room. This narrow bridge allows for large open ceilings.

Modern and Minimal Bridge

Keeping to a modern and minimalist style this home is simple, clean and streamlined. This living space was designed to achieve harmony with the use of an open staircase and raised walkway. For this project, our Ithaca Style railing system was chosen for its sleek appearance, thin posts including standoffs for easy adjustment. The top rail is a round tube. The railing posts were made to be fascia mounted on the stairs and catwalk, and surface mounted on the stairwell.

Every Keuka Studios designed project is custom-built for your space. To learn more about how each cable railing project moves from vision to reality, take a look at our custom railing design process. We take pride in building craftsman-quality and commercial-grade cable railings for interior and exterior applications.

Curved deck railing on log cabin
Fascia mount vs Surface Mount vs Undermount
Interior Stainless steel cable railing on cat walk and staircase
10 Cable Railing Interior Design Ideas
Interior of home with black cable railing on stairs, and wood ceilings with large windows.
Black Cable Railing – Interior Design Ideas

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Cable Railing Systems for Decks

Deck with surface mount railing

Whether you’re building a new deck or remodeling an existing one Keuka Studios offers a variety of cable railings systems for decks. There are six standard post styles to choose from and many accessories and materials available to suit your home and your style. Although we offer a standard variety of posts we have creative designers that have the ability to develop unique post styles for your cable railing system.

What is included with a cable railing system for decks?

When you’re deciding to purchase a cable railing system for your deck it is important to understand what is included with our system:
-Design and rendering service. Unless your project is a simple, level rectangular deck, your probably going to need some custom-designed posts. During this process, we work this all out and can provide renderings showing optional styles and colors to help you visualize the finished project. We are particularly good at making your project look cohesive and elegant. Just look at our Deck Railing Gallery and I am sure you will agree.
-The individual railing posts. There are different posts available for end posts, intermediate posts, and stair posts. All are available as either a surface, fascia, or under-mount configuration.
– All the cables with fittings required to complete the project. These can be for 1/8th-inch or 3/16th-inch cables. 3/16th-inch cable is more common on commercial railing systems.
-All mounting hardware for installation. 18-8 stainless steel is standard, and 316 stainless is optional (for coastal applications).
-The top rail (optional) is available in wood, steel, or aluminum.
-Keuka cable railing fittings including a fitting installation kit.

What accessories are available for my cable railing?

We offer a variety of additional accessories for cable railing systems that include: posts and rails, custom-designed to accommodate LED lightingEscutcheon Plates to hide mounting hardware, and nut caps to hide hex lag screws. In addition, we can custom-design a matching gate for your project.

What styles of posts are available to choose from?

We offer 6 standard cable railing designs. The KeukaIthacaChicagoTokyoKauai, and Prairie. Each style offers a different look and feel to complement your home’s style. We can also make a custom design where your imagination is the only limitation. Each post style can be purchased in a range of materials with associated costs relative to the material chosen. Available materials include Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. Available finishes are:

What types of finishes are available for metal deck railing posts?

Depending on the type of metal, the railing posts can be powder-coated, galvanized, galvanize with powder-coat, anodized, brushed, or polished.

– Powder-Coating, available on steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.
– hot dipped galvanized, available on steel only.
– hot dipped galvanized plus powder coat, available on steel only.
– Clear Anodizing, available on aluminum.
– Brushed or polished finish, available on stainless steel and aluminum.

cable railing designs.

Keuka Style Curved Deck Railing Post

Our signature Keuka railing post style has a curved profile and can be made to be fascia-mounted or surface mounted. This railing style beautifully complements architecture with curved roofs, decks, or balconies.

Keuka railing post

Ithaca Style Sleek Stainless Steel Deck Cable Railing System

The Ithaca-style cable railing has sleek thin posts to be the least obstructive to the view beyond. This railing can be surface-mounted or fascia-mounted or under-mounted. The Ithaca style railing looks sleek and streamlined on modern homes and blends simply into almost any architectural style.

Industrial style mountain home with cable railing

Chicago Style Industrial Deck Railing Post

Unique to Keuka Studios the Chicago Style cable railing boasts an industrial edge. Our clients have installed this railing on modern and industrial architecture with exposed beams to add a sleek contemporary look.

 Chicago style cable railing

Tokyo Style Slim Deck Cable Railing System

The Tokyo Style cable railing has sharp lines and a sleek profile. The corner posts have a unique style with thin square bars that add an Asian influence.

Tokyo Style cable r

Kauai Style Cable Railing For Decks

The Kauai Style has slender intermediate posts with double-bar end posts connected with round stainless steel standoffs between the corner posts. This style works well with modern and contemporary architecture and allows for vista views.

Kauai Style

Cable Railings System for Decks with Prairie Post

The prairie posts are reminiscent of an I-beam with a unique motif design on each of the posts. This style complements an industrial look as well as prairie-style architecture including homes with low roof lines. This look can be designed without the motif cut-out resulting in a more traditional I-beam appearance for an industrial aesthetic.

What type of top rail are available for decks? Top rails are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials including wood, aluminum, and steel. There are several factors to consider when choosing top rails. Depending on the railing style of choice some top rails will work better than others. Each top rail will have an associated cost depending on size, material, and finish of choice.

Let us help you customize a cable railing system of your choice for your deck to suit your home’s style. Wondering how to install a cable railing on your deck? We have an easy step-by-step guide.

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