Modern Cable and Glass Staircase Railing in Montauk, NY

Glass Staircase Railing

Location: Montauk, NY

Architect: Blaze Makoid Architecture

Material and Finish: The Interior glass staircase railing posts are the Ithaca style made of solid aluminum and powder coated. The treads and top rail are white oak. The exterior railing posts are made of solid aluminum that are powder coated black, with stainless steel cables and wood top rail.

Description: Keuka Studios Ithaca style glass and cable railings. The posts are powder coated solid aluminum.


With floor to ceiling glass this modern home in Montauk is an impressive weekend retreat from the big city. Natural light fills the space creating an easy transition between indoor and outdoor living. Keuka Studios minimalist glass and cable railings does its best not to detract from the views beyond. The interior railing posts are the Ithaca Style made of solid aluminum and powder coated, the treads and top rail are white oak and the railing has glass infill. The exterior railings have stainless steel cable infill.

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