Distinctive Double Stringer Stair Styles

Double stringer stair with wood treads and cable railing

Not all double-stringer (or dual-stringer) stairs are created the same way. At Keuka Studios we like to push the boundaries to create an inspired design, and high-quality double-stringer stair that is both innovative and meets your vision for your project.

Double Stringer Design Styles

Double-stringer stairs boast two stringers supporting the stair treads. Double stringer stair styles can be customized from various materials, including laser-cut sheet metal, round, rectangular, or square tubes, c-channel, or I-beams. Each design offers a distinct aesthetic appeal, from sleek and modern to charmingly rustic or boldly industrial.

Tread Material Impacts Design

The design of the stair stringers must accommodate the specific characteristics and load-bearing requirements of the chosen stair tread material. While, wood remains the favored choice for stair treads, alternatives such as steel, stone, glass, and tile are additional options. Each material presents unique challenges regarding its strength and susceptibility to breakage, necessitating careful consideration in the stair design. For example, stone has very little tensile strength, therefore it typically requires a steel substrate underneath most of its length for support. Hardwood, on the other hand, with sufficient thickness can cover larger spans with much less support.

Aesthetic and Load Capacity

Furthermore, it is imperative to consider various factors for affixing the stringer plates to the wall and the floor. This includes deciding the aesthetic preference regarding whether to conceal or prominently display the stringer plates. The size of the stringers must be carefully designed to minimize deflections and vibrations. Finally, examining the building framing/structure that the stringer will connect to and evaluating the load-bearing capacity is essential.

Explore this array of double-stringer stair styles created by our talented designers and fabricators.

Hidden dual sringer stair with wood treads and wood handrail with cable railing.
Hidden Stringer Slices through the Treads
Double stringer stair styles - Hollow form duo stringer with wood treads and completely concealed hardware and glass railing.
Hollow Form Stringer with Hidden fasteners
C-channel stair with two stringers and steel treads.
C-Channel Straight Stair
Doubele stringer steel staircase with wood treads and cable railings. The treads have unique concealed LED lighting
Double Stringer Sawtooth

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