Vertical and Horizontal Stainless Steel Cable Railings – Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Stainless steel cable railing with wood top rail.

Location: Old Greenwich, CT

Builder: Odell Construction Inc. - Cos Cob, CT

Architect: Louis Fusco Landscape Architects - Pound Ridge, NY

Material and Finish: Stainless steel vertical and horizontal cable railing with stainless steel escutcheon plates.

Description: Ithaca Style pool fence cable railing and vertical cable railing in 316 marine grade stainless steel.


This project consisted of both vertical and horizontal cable railings. We have to say, the guys from Odell Construction have got it together. It’s refreshing to work with a builder who respects and values high quality workmanship and can also stay organized throughout a project that was both complex and under a tight time line. We designed regulation height vertical cable railings to enclose the pool area. We built matching stainless steel gates that were both self closing and self latching. Horizontal rails were used on the 3 elevated wood decks. Also horizontal rails were used on top of the stone retaining walls that were tall enough themselves to provide a barrier to the pool. The mahogany top rail concealed an LED strip to provide ambiance for night time entertaining. We worked with the builder and architect to design a concealed wire routing scheme to keep everything neatly out of sight. For the stairs we provided matching stainless steel handrails that were both wall mounted and core drilled. We designed escutcheon plates for all of the railing post bases to conceal either base mounting plates and core drill holes. Since the vertical railings were to be surface mounted, the escutcheon plates for these were a challenge. We came up with a clever 2 piece solution for this so they could be installed after the railing sections were up. All railing parts were made of type 316 stainless steel and were CNC machined for precise fit and finish. After machining the individual parts, we finished everything with a #6 linear brushed finish. Then we passivated the railing to encourage the corrosion resistant properties of the stainless steel. Louis Fusco Landscape Architects had a unique vision that incorporated this infinity pool to open up the view of the Atlantic Ocean. The result is breathtaking. We are proud to be part of that vision.

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