Cantilever Stairs with Glass Railing – La Jolla, CA

Modern lighted cantilever stair with wood treads and glass railing.

Location: La Jolla, CA

Material and Finish: Our innovative cantilever staircase is made with a concealed steel support structure seamlessly integrated within the walls and encased within the oak treads. The wood treads and handrails feature rift cut white oak, enhanced with white oak caps discreetly concealing the connection points for the 1/2 inch starphire glass. The grain direction of the wood caps was crafted to match the treads. Stainless steel Mirror-polished glass standoffs securely connect the glass panels to the balcony. Mirror polished handrail brackets were custom made of 316 stainless steel to match the aesthetic of the stairs.

Description: Creating an awe-inspiring visual effect the grand staircase in the homes entrance is a cantilever stair with LED lighting and wide floating landings with 1/2 inch starphire glass that appears to slice through the wood treads. The second staircase leading to the rooftop deck incorporates the same design elements, creating a cohesive aesthetic.


Cantilevered stairs seamlessly enhance a modern and minimalist aesthetic, exuding a blend of simplicity and breathtaking elegance. Nevertheless, attaining this design and functionality demands engineering and expert craftsmanship.

For this project, we created two cantilever staircases. Upon entering the residence, you are welcomed by a striking grand entry featuring a cantilevered stair adorned with rift-cut white oak treads, a glass railing, and wide wood stair landings. This design creates a stunning visual effect, as the 1/2-inch straphire glass appears to effortlessly slice through the treads. The wood tread caps were created to conceal the attachment hardware for the glass and match the wood grain of the treads. Elevating the aesthetics further, mirror-polished glass standoffs securely connect the glass panels to the balcony, and mirror-polished handrail brackets add a touch of sophistication. The staircases were meticulously designed since they serve as a focal point and are visible from many areas of this open-concept home.

The open floating treads allow for the natural flow of light during the day and have LED lighting that creates a welcoming ambiance at night, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

On the upper level, a second cantilever stair was crafted to easily ascend to the rooftop deck. The stairs share design elements with the grand entry staircase creating a cohesive and minimal appearance.

The thoughtful design of these cantilever stairs not only maximizes functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to the environment.

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