Terraced Patio Restaurant Railing – Washington D.C.

Potomac River front restaurant with outdoor seating and cable railing

Location: The Washington Harbour, Washington D.C.

Builder: Capital Iron Solutions — Rockville, MD

Architect: Landscape Architecture Bureau LLC — Washington D.C.

Material and Finish: Aluminum posts and stainless steel top rail with a custom-colored powder coat.

Description: Terraced patio cable railing for a riverfront restaurant's outdoor seating area. The railing has our Kauai style fascia-mounted aluminum posts and a stainless steel top rail. The round top rail includes built-in LEDpod night lighting.


Sequoia, an award-winning restaurant in Washington D.C., focuses on both fine cuisine and fine art. Throughout the interior of the restaurant, you’ll find art installations on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. The dining experience can be taken outside as well; the restaurant features a terraced patio seating area and bar that face the Potomac River. While you dine, you can take in the views of the water through our cable railing. Keuka Studios Kauai Style custom posts were used for the exterior restaurant railing system and custom handrails were made for the stairs. Because of the slim post design, the patio railing doesn’t obstruct the restaurant’s unique vantage point of the iconic river. The round top rail has LEDpod lighting built in to add light and enhance the evening ambiance. We designed the railing to perfectly conceal all wires and hardware. The modern style of the cable railing also complements the restaurant’s largest art installation- just a couple hundred feet from the river’s edge is a gigantic metal sculpture by Arne Quinze.

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View of the Potomac River through Keuka Studios custom cable railing. Multi-tier cable railing system for restaurant's outdoor seating area and large sculpture. Close-up shot of Washington D.C. restaurant cable railing system. Night lighting built into the top rail of this restaurant railing. Night lighting on outdoor bar railing at the Sequoia restaurant