Pedestrian Bridges with Cable Railings

Pedestrian bridge over major highway with custom 10ft cable railings

Pedestrian Bridge Ideas for Highways, Landscapes and Homes

Pedestrian bridges also known as footbridges are designed solely for pedestrians. They are commonly used for walking, running, and bicycling. A bridge railings design will depend on many factors, including whether it is a public bridge or a private bridge. Things to consider when planning a bridge railing include the construction of the bridge to accommodate the railing, and the desired aesthetic of the bridge. Railings commonly used for pedestrian bridges can be designed to be decorative or industrial as well as provide safety for pedestrians.

What is the height requirement for a guardrail?

Generally, for public pedestrian bridges, the railing height requirement is 42 inches. For residential walking bridge railings, the height requirement is 36 inches. These requirements may vary depending on the bridge’s potential users. For example, for a low trail bridge with a drop less than 4 ft, a guard rail may not be required. Or a bridge primarily used for bicyclists may require a higher guardrail typically 54 inches. There are many factors that influence pedestrian bridge railing requirements so it is best to review your local building code requirements.

Workplace Walking Bridge

Creating outdoor working and relaxing spaces for employees is a trending way for employers to focus on their employees’ well-being and happiness. This client decided to create a walking bridge with outdoor paths around the pond and park for their employees to enjoy.

What was a boring retention pond was outfitted with a dramatic 96 ft long waterfall with an observation bridge creating a peaceful place for employees to stroll and recharge. The railing was made to be fascia mounted below the IPE bridge’s curved beam structure.

Cable Railing Chicago Style posts at 42 in height above bridge level, powder-coated Sparkle Silver with 3/16 in cables.

Pedestrian meandering walkway over a creek with curved cable railing system and large curved arches.

Iconic Pedestrian Walkway

North Charlestons’ iconic pedestrian walkway meanders across the marsh and Noisette Creek to Riverfront Park. It has been named by Architectural Digest as one of the eleven most beautiful elevated walkways through nature in the world! The bridge includes two iconic steel arches that span 230 feet and a viewing platform to sit and enjoy nature and the expansive views.

Our signature Keuka Style cable railing system was chosen for this project since the gentle curves of the posts uniquely complement the curvilinear lines of the bridge.

Cable RailingKeuka Style Cable Railing System at 42-in height above the bridge level, made of solid steel. galvanized, and powder-coated oil-rubbed bronze.

View of raised walkway from below with curved cable railings

Canopy Walkway, Bonnet Springs, Lakeland, FL

Bonnet Springs Park in Lakeland, FL includes several amenities to connect the community with nature. They include a canopy walk in the treetops of the majestic oaks, meandering hiking trails, and a boat house. Two of our popular railing systems were chosen for this project.

Our signature Keuka Style cable railing system was chosen for the sinuous canopy pedestrian bridge since the gentle curves of the posts uniquely complement the curvilinear lines of the bridge. The Ithaca Style railing was chosen for the boat house deck, ramps, and stairs for its minimalist lines.

Cable RailingKeuka Style Cable Railing System and Ithaca Cable Railing area built at 42-in height above the bridge level, made of solid steel. and powder-coated raven texture black.

Landscape pedestrian bridge over water and rock landscape

Visitor Center Landscape Pedestrian Bridge

Creating a natural oasis for the visitor center at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse was the main objective of this project. At the zoo entrance, pedestrian bridges, and walkways meander through the natural garden landscape and waterway.

To accommodate the changes in grade we made long posts that could be buried in the concrete with custom pivoting top plates which allowed the rail to follow the contours. The posts on the bridge were custom-made to connect to the underlying structure of the bridge.

Cable RailingsIthaca Style posts at 42 in height above the surface of the deck powder-coated Seal Skin Brown with 3/16 in cables

Bridge to main entry of tropical home with cable raiings

Home Entrance Pedestrian Bridge

Located in the Hawaiian Islands this home is nestled adjacent to the mountains. While the front of the house boasts dramatic views of the ocean the home’s entrance is located on the mountainside of the house. To create easy access to the second-story entry a pedestrian bridge was erected extending from the parking area to the door.

The railing posts were made to be fascia mounted on the bridge and decks and wrap around the pool area.

Cable Railings – Kauai Style railing posts with slender intermediate posts and double bar end posts. They are powder-coated “Raven Texture Black”. Made at 42 in height of solid aluminum with 3/16 in cables.

Highway Living Pedestrian Bridge

Universal Studios created a living bridge for guests to walk from the Cabana Bay Beach Resort to the theme park. The bridge provides a safe passageway that avoids crossing the heavily trafficked highway.

To maintain the security of this flyover bridge we designed the posts to be 10 ft high and the cable infill is tightly spaced together. Each post was customized to accommodate the unique curvature and elevation of the bridge. A unique challenge on this project was to create a railing that did not have a top rail to help resist the cable forces.

Cable Railings – Custom railing posts made of steel and hot-dipped galvanized with green powder-coat to blend with the natural greenery on the bridge.

Pedestrian bridge overlooking creek with cable railings for viewing area

Pedestrian Bridge with Viewing Area

Along a busy highway in the town of Mount Pleasant, a pedestrian walkway was added. We worked with Cape Romain Contractors on this project. One of the objectives was to make crossing the bridge more family-friendly. The walkway was also designed to be ADA compliant for easier accessibility for the disabled.

Along the center of the bridge, there is a viewing area that curves over the waterway. Cable railings were chosen to allow for the best views of the marina and waterway.

Cable RailingKeuka Style cable railing system at 42 in height, made of steel that is galvanized and powder coated “Oil Rubbed Bronze” with 3/16 inch cables.

Bridge for visitors to access second level of home

High Hillside Home Entrance Bridge

Nestled on the side of a mountain this home has the main entrance located on the Hawaiian hillside. A walking bridge was determined to be the best way to access the home’s main entrance.

To blend with the landscape and maintain a light open feeling the architects chose our Ithaca-style railings system. The Ithaca style has a slim post design and is the least obstructive of the views.

Cable Railings Ithaca Style Posts made of solid aluminum at 36 in height, powder-coated “Rustic Red” and fascia mounted to the deck. The cables are 1/8 in 316 stainless steel.

Pedestrian bridge to fire pit seating area over waterfall

Firepit Pier Walkway Bridge

High Point University in North Caroline decided to create an inspiring and relaxing oasis for students to enjoy the natural surroundings. To accomplish this they combined artistic sculptures, walkways, and waterfalls with a firepit seating area over the water.

The cable railing posts were custom made to connect to metal blades that are welded to the structure. In addition, we designed a scheme to accommodate the lighting for the top rail.

Cable Railing – Ithaca Style Railing Posts at 42-inch height made of stainless steel and powder coated.

At Keuka Studios, we custom fabricate residential and commercial stairs and railings to fit your style, space, and requirements. To learn more about how each cable railing project moves from vision to reality. Take a look at our custom railing design process. We take pride in building craftsman-quality and commercial-grade stairs and railings for interior and exterior applications. Contact us to get started on your project.

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