Use Escutcheon Plates for a Refined Look

Railing Escutcheon Plate

By definition, an escutcheon (pronounced es·cutch·eon) plate is a shield, cover, or an ornamental or protective plate. Escutcheon plates are used to conceal something functional like mounting hardware or an unwanted hole.

Use escutcheon plates for a clean, simple, or modern style

More and more customers are looking for a clean, seamless, or modern look for their home. For interior railing, whether it’s a cable railing or any other type of railing, the escutcheon plate is a great choice. I find that especially with interior applications, you might want all the fasteners and hardware hidden with no exposed bolt or screw heads. Escutcheon plates are a perfect and easy solution. They simply slide over the post, hiding the hardware and providing a more refined look. Our escutcheon plates are machined from a solid billet, not the thin stamped sheet metal common in the industry.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer escutcheon plates on all of our surface-mounted Ithaca Style and Tokyo Style cable railings. These plates can be stainless steel, aluminum, or powder-coated steel to match the posts.

If you are submitting a quote request, be sure to ask for them. It’s a small detail that really helps to make your railing look more refined.