Clear Anodized Aluminum


Aluminium alloys are anodized to increase corrosion resistance. Clear anodizing of aluminum railing posts and top rail is available up to 10 ft long. The railing posts and top rail will be brushed first with a standard #4 finish to obtain the directional grain and then the clear anodized finishing is applied.

Anodizing aluminum is a complex series of steps involving cleaning, etching, deodorizing, anodizing, dyeing and sealing with careful rinsing after each immersion.

Many aircraft parts, architectural materials, and consumer products are anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminium can be commonly found on phones, tools, cookware, cameras, window frames, and roofing.

To prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals we always press small Teflon bushings into the holes of each cable railing post. This is done to prevent the anodized aluminum railing post and stainless steel cables from coming into contact with each other and causing galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion is the process in which one metal corrodes faster than it normally would because of its contact with a dissimilar metal.

If you are enjoy the look of brushed stainless steel but not the cost. Consider a brushed and clear anodized aluminum railing instead. The aluminum railings are lightweight and easy to handle for shipping and installation.