Clear Anodized Aluminum

Cable Railing With Anodized Aluminum

Many of our cable railing customers chose aluminum as the base material for their railing system. Because of aluminum’s lower price and sleek, modern appearance, many clients chose aluminum as an alternative to steel. While aluminum is durable in and of itself, we recommend ordering clear anodized aluminum for posts and top rails. The process of anodization gives the metal an even more lustrous look. Also, it adds an extra layer of defense against corrosion. Resistance to natural corrosion is important for all outdoor applications, especially in seaside environments.

What Is Anodized Aluminum?

Anodizing aluminum is a passivation process. Essentially, submersing the aluminum in an acid solution forces a chemical reaction. This reaction thickens the natural oxide layer on the outside of the alloy. Because the expanded oxide layer derives from an electrochemical process, it is much more durable than a coating or plating.

At Keuka Studios, we can apply a standard #4 brushed finish to the aluminum before anodization. Because the oxide layer is clear, this achieves the appearance of a directional grain without sacrificing corrosion resistance. In order to prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals, we press small Teflon bushings into the holes of each cable railing post. This is done to prevent the anodized aluminum railing post and stainless steel cables from coming into contact with each other and causing galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion is the process in which one metal corrodes faster than it normally would because of its contact with a dissimilar metal.

Keuka Studios Clear Anodized Aluminum Case Studies

Oceanfront deck with anodized aluminum cable railing
Exposed beam home in Rochester with anodized aluminum cable railing system

Oceanfront Lounge, New Jersey

Open-Concept Interior, New York

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