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LED light cable railing system

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Indoors and outdoors alike, LED lighted railings add to both the functionality and ambiance of a given space. Whether you’re hoping to set a romantic mood for your restaurant patio or are looking to light up your interior staircase for nighttime visibility, architectural LED lighting is a stylish solution.

At Keuka Studios, we understand that every project is different and requires some creative engineering. When it comes to lighting, concealing wires and accessing power sources may present a challenge. However, our designers are committed to coming up with innovative solutions for the unique demands of your project.

Explore several railings and staircases with LED lighting designed and fabricated by Keuka Studios for your next project.

Cable Railings with LED Lighting

Cable railing systems designed and crafted by Keuka Studios bring a modern, sophisticated look to decks, balconies, terraces, and stairs. Many of our clients, both home and business owners, request LED lighting for their railings so they can make the most of their outdoor spaces. At Keuka Studios, our engineers can incorporate the LED lighting system of your choice into a custom cable railing system.

How our designers accommodate the lights, wires, and access to a power source will depend on the style and materials you choose for your railing posts and top rail. If you want spotlight-style LED lights, one option is to use aluminum tubing and run the wires through the top rail. Using this method, allows us to craft a rail with custom cutouts for spotlight-style LED lights. Once you have selected your lighting system we custom design our railings to work with the system of choice.

With LED lighting, the options are unlimited. You can opt for classic white lights or colored lights. Also available are dimming or pulsing lights. Whatever your style, Keuka Studios will help you create your perfect illuminated space.

-LED Lighted Cable Railings Top Rail

We worked with a commercial customer who chose the LEDPOD 40 by KLIK Systems. For the deck railings of their Wedding Venue. With this design, light faces down from beneath the top rail and it reflects off the stainless steel cable infill below, illuminating them as well. Most commonly, our clients request under-rail lighting to illuminate the whole perimeter of the space.

Slide for More Detail:

-Terraced Patio Bar with LED Lighted Railings

For this terraced patio bar at the Sequoia restaurant in Washington, D.C. we incorporated LEDpod night lighting into the underside of the round handrail. All of the wires are concealed within the posts and the handrails. The LEDpod lighting has the effect of lighting the walkways while adding ambiance to the dining experience.

Led Lighted railing on exterior bar railing
LED Lighted Top Railing

Staircases with LED Lighting

LED lighting has also become popular with our custom stair customers. To achieve a modern look and to light the way, clients often request built-in lights for stair treads, risers, or stringers. How we incorporate the lights will depend on the style and materials of your staircase. For ideas, take a look at a couple of our staircases with LED lighting systems:

-LED Lighted Spiral Stair Risers

This exterior spiral staircase features LED lights on each riser and connects to a deck railing system with under-rail lights. As shown in the accompanying drawings, the circuit runs up the center column of the spiral staircases, and the wires run beneath each tread to connect the LED lights embedded in the risers. Each light has a custom machined metal diffuser that guides the light downward to prevent glare while ascending the steps. 

Slide for More Detail:

-Zig Zag Stair With Lighted Treads

Keuka Studios designed this zigzag staircase and cable railing system for a client in Greenwich, Connecticut. To brighten the walkway and match the customer’s unique hanging light fixture, we added LED light strips to the underside of each stair tread. A brushed stainless steel riser was used to add a bit of dazzle to the project.

LED lighted zig zag staircase modern staircase.

-Floating Stair With Lighted Glass Treads

We custom-created this lighted glass tread, steel stringer stairs, and cable railing system for the interior of a client’s home in Knoxville, Tennessee. The lighting system for the glass treads is fed up through the wall and into the end of each tread. This creates a warm glow that transitions across the glass tread.

Glass stair treads on metal floating stairs with LED lighting on the treads.

Floating Stair Stringer with LED Lighting

A client in Ogunquit, ME decided to have LED lighting in their floating stair stringer to provide light for navigating the stairs and add ambiance to the space. We custom-made the steel stringer to conceal the wires of the LED lighting with cutouts to accommodate the chosen lights. The effect is a warm welcoming glow to their home entry and stairs.

floating stair with LED lighting in the stringer

Handrails with LED Lighting

Our talented design and fabrication team artfully created a unique cable railing system and handrail for an office building in Seattle, Washington. The objective of the design of the handrails was to add LED lighting on both sides of the stairs while hiding the wiring within the railing and posts. The added lighting provides ambiance and light for navigating the stairs.

Open stiarcase with cable railings and LED lighting in the handrails

-Stair Treads with Built-in Light Bar

In the design of this mono-stringer floating stair, a sophisticated LED light bar is cleverly embedded beneath the stair treads, concealing the wiring for the lighting in the treads and stringer. Furthermore, the overall stair design effectively conceals all attachment hardware for the treads, resulting in a streamlined and elegant aesthetic.

Up close view of an LED light bar uniquely concealed in the bottom of a floating stair tread

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While our engineers create innovative ways to incorporate LED lights into our unique cable railing systems and stairs, every project requires custom accommodations. If you’re interested in railing with LED lighting, we recommend you contact us to discuss your ideas. Interested in LED lighting for your stairs or cable railing? Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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