Modern Glass Stair Railing, Deck Cable Railing-Las Vegas, NV

Second level balcony with curved deck cable railing system.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Builder: Discovery Builders Nevada

Architect: Discovery Builders, LLC

Material and Finish: The exterior deck railing is powder-coated steel posts with round stainless steel top rail and stainless steel cables.
The Interior glass stair railing has powder-coated slim steel-framed glass panels. The oak treads and top rails are custom finished to match the flooring of each home.

Description: We custom made the interior modern glass stair railing with a slim steel frame. The frame was designed to hide the hardware to create a sleek streamlined appearance. Custom wood stair treads were provided with a finish to match the flooring of each home. On the exterior, the deck cable railing posts were completely custom made at 1-inch thick for the end posts and 1/2-inch thick for the intermediate posts with stainless steel cables and fittings. The top rail for the deck railings is a round stainless steel tube.


Nestled in the desert mountains with expansive views of the Las Vegas skyline are the new residences at the Summit Club, a private residential lifestyle club. Built by Discovery Builders there is a collection of club residence designs to choose from that include many amenities. The desert modern architecture uses clean lines and desert hues combined with open lifestyle living to create a personal sanctuary. In keeping with the modern aesthetic, we designed the interior glass stair railings with ultra-thin rail sections and completely concealed hardware. The oak treads and handrails were custom finished to match the flooring of each residence. The exterior deck cable railings were designed with 1-inch thick end posts and 1/2 inch thick intermediate posts. This approach was both functional making the end post strong enough to handle the cable tension load and aesthetic to complement the home’s architecture. The top railing for the cable railing system is a brushed stainless steel tube. As a result, the modern styling of the stairs and railings perfectly complement the modern desert-style architecture.

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