Common Cable Railing & Stairs Q & A

Q) How do I get cable railing pricing?
A) The best way to get accurate pricing is by sending over a drawing with some dimensions by e-mail or by fax. This drawing does not need to be an architectural drawing and can be a hand sketch. Since every project is a little different the overall size and shape of the project can have a dramatic effect on the railings linear ft cost.
Q) Can the railing posts be modified to fit my project?
A) Yes. We can customize any of our standard cable railing post designs with custom mounting plates, top rails, heights, special finishes, etc. Since we are custom metal fabricators. We routinely customize our standard cable railing and stair designs. We are particularly good at adapting our railings systems fit perfectly around challenging site conditions.
Q) Do you do commercial and residential railing and stairs?
A) We provide railings and stairs for both commercial and residential projects around the country as well as outside the US.
Q) What type of finishes do you offer for railings?
A) We offer our railings and stairs in standard finishes as well as thousands of custom finishes. Standard finishes are included in our pricing. Custom finishes are an up charge. The exact price increase will depend on the color selection.
Q) How do you pronounce “Keuka”?
A) Keuka is pronounced (Q-Kah).
Q) Where are you located?
A) Our shop is located in Rush, NY which is considered Upstate NY just south of Rochester between Buffalo and Syracuse.
Q) Do your railing posts come in fascia mount and surface mount?
A) All of our post designs are available in either a surface mount or fascia mount application and there is no difference in price between the two.
Q) What size is the cable used on your cable railings?
A) Typically we use 1/8″ diameter cables on residential projects and 3/16″ diameter cables on commercial projects. Other cable sizes are available but these are the most common.
Q) Is bronze cable an option?
A) We use mostly Type 316 stainless cable although bronze cable can be special ordered upon request. Installation is a little trickier with bronze cable. The cost is much higher than stainless steel and the strength is lower. These factors need to be considered in the selection of a cable infill for your railing project.
Q) Is hardware included with my order?
A) We include 3/8″ diameter x 3″ long Type 18-8 Stainless steel lag bolts, washers and #12 wood screws with every order. Type 316 can be ordered for coastal environments. Hardware can be powder coated to match the railing upon request.
Q) Do you provide the wood top rails?
A) Yes. We can provide a number of different wood species and custom milled profiles for use as top rails and handrails. Typically the wood is provided in long lengths and will need to be trimmed and stained to your liking on site. You can also provide your own wood if you prefer.
Q) What are your hours?
A) Our business hours are 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday Eastern Time and Saturday by appointment only.
Q) How do you ship your railings?
A) Each railing post is individually boxed, strapped and wrapped up on a pallet. The entire pallet is shipped freight to your door. You will receive a call from the delivery company 24 hours in advance to schedule drop off. Someone must be available at that time to sign for the delivery.
Q) Do I need any special tools for the cable railing installation?
A) One end of the cable is pre swaged and the other end receives a push lock fitting. The push lock has spring loaded jaws that bites down onto the raw end of the cable in the field.
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