The BEST Cable Railing You Can Buy: Top 10 Reasons

Looking for the absolute BEST cable railing system that money can buy? Keuka Studios makes the finest cable railings on the market. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider using Keuka Studios for your next project…

1. The Best Designs

Floating Stair and Cable Railing Design

Custom Interior Stair and Cable Railing Design – Candlewood Lake, CT

We are more than just railing manufacturers, we are artists. Outside from manufacturing cable railings, all of our team members create sculptures, paintings, or drawings or they do photography. We look for employees with real talent. You can see this talent reflected in the work we do and in each person’s attention to the smaller details. We know what looks best. Therefore, you can trust that our designers will guide your project in the direction that will yield the best looking result.

2. We Are 3D CAD Experts

3D CAD Drawing Vs Actual Cable Railing

Computer 3D CAD Drawing vs. Actual Railing and Stair

We are pioneers in the railing and stair industry who use CAD to create digital models for every project. We use state-of-the art engineering and analysis tools and your entire job site is modeled during our design process. This means your railing is analyzed for structural performance to ensure it is built safe and sturdy. After that, we create beautiful and realistic computer renderings to help you visualize the design. From there, our CAD software creates the files that drive lasers, mills, and lathes. Would you like to know what your cable railings are really going to look like? Our CAD model will be an exact representation of your project, not just a concept. In CAD, we can spot possible issues and smooth out transitions to make the most visually appealing design for the customer. The railings are custom designed to fit the site. This process dramatically reduces install time and prevents ugly improvising by the installer. Schedule a live virtual fly though with one of our designers so you can see your project rotate in live 3D.

3. The Best Knowledge and Experience

Experienced cable railing and stair designer at work

Experienced Railing Designer and 3D CAD Expert

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience. This knowledge is why architects, contractors, and homeowners around the country love working with us. Specifically, they rely on us to point them in the right direction which translates into cable railings that are safer, stronger, and more beautiful than railings made by competitors. When your railing project gets complicated and your application is unique, you want to know that you’re working with the right group. For this reason, customers choose us for difficult situations because we know exactly how to handle them.

4. The Finest Railing Materials

Stainless Steel Cable Railing Posts and Powder Coated Steel Cable Railing Posts

Fine-Brushed Stainless Steel Cable Railing Posts and Powder-Coated Steel Cable Railing Posts

Better materials result in better cable railings. We use super-durable powder coating, marine grade stainless steel, and architectural grade aluminum. Quality materials are chosen for your cable railing system so your project will stand the test of time even in the harshest climates. Inside, outside, and from the Midwest to the Atlantic Coast, we help customers choose the best material option for their railing system.

5. The Strongest Railings In The Industry

Keuka Studios Cable Railings Weigh More

Keuka Studios Cable Railing Posts Are Stronger And Weigh 5 Times More Than Competition

Our cable railings are the strongest in the industry. While most manufacturers use the bare-minimum material thickness required to hold back cable tension, we use thicker plates, thicker wall tubing, and solid bars. This translates into a more rigid, stronger, and safer feeling railing. Other manufactures will tell you not to over tighten cables because it will bend their posts, but this is because their posts are flimsy and weak. With our products, you can really crank on the cable tension. The cables should feel extremely rigid and the posts should stay looking laser-straight. The sheer weight of our railing posts are substantially higher than all the others. It becomes extremely evident when you pick up our posts that these are made to a higher quality level. As a result, our railings are built rock solid!

6. We Have More Finish Options

Powder Coat Colors and Finishes

Thousands of Railing Finish Options To Choose From

We have the highest selection of finish options available of any other manufacturer today. We offer finishes such as, brushed stainless steel, clear anodized aluminum, black anodized aluminum, blackened natural steel, and thousands of powder coat color options. In other words, we can really tailor the finish of your railing to your specific needs. Matching other existing finishes on your project really helps to marry the railing system to other elements around it. In short, our customers don’t need to compromise for just standard finish options.

7. We Package Carefully

Carefully packed cable railing system

Individually Boxed Cable Railing Posts

Each post is assembled,  wrapped with foam and bubble wrap, and individually boxed. Keuka Studios ships millions of pounds of cable railing as far as Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands. Above all, your investment is protected so that your railings do not arrive on site damaged.

8. We Provide Impeccable Service

Awards From Houzz For Great Service

Highly Awarded Service

You are expecting not just the best cable railing but also impeccable service with fast response time from real people. We are available to personally discuss your railing project by phone. In today’s world of eCommerce, customers constantly tell us how refreshing it is to speak with a real knowledgeable person. We are professional and aim to please every customer. When you Google search “Keuka Studios reviews,” you will find nothing but happy customers. For this reason, Houzz has awarded us “best in service” six years in a row.

9. We Provide Incredible Value

Valuable Cable Railing and Stair

Cable Railings Built By Keuka Studios Add Value

Cable railing pricing is all over the board. What is most important is that you receive a tremendous value when making your purchase. Our cable railings have been known to increase the value of the property they are installed on. Many times, we have been told the added value exceeds the product cost. When purchasing our cable railings, you will be making a solid investment. Above all, getting the most bang for the buck is what our customers are looking for.

10. The Easiest Installation

Custom Angle Railing Post

Cable Railing Posts Are Made To The Exact Angle Of Your Stair Which Makes Installation Easy

All cable railing manufacturers like to claim how “easy” their products are to install. Our railings redefine “easy” in the minds of customers. We do extra work designing and customizing your cable railing to fit specifically for your application. We make finished posts that arrive like puzzle pieces that just “fit like a glove” to your site. Our stair railing posts are made specifically to the angle of your stair. Therefore, a 32-degree stair receives a 32-degree railing post. Cutting and welding of the posts is NOT required on site. A project-specific layout is provided and all the parts come numbered with a drawing showing the exact location for each piece. As a result, installation is like putting Legos together and is very simple.

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