Homes with Exterior Cable Railings

Eleven home styles featuring cable railings on the exterior stairs and decks

Whether you are in the beginning stages of designing and building a home or renovating an existing one there are a lot of decisions to make. Among those decisions is deciding on the exterior facade and what types of railings to choose for the stairs and decks. I have always found starting with inspiration photos for my projects helps me to see the possibilities and visualize the results. Cable railing systems are a great choice for exterior stairs and decks. They give your house a unique style and add value to your home. Following is a collection of homes with a variety of architectural styles including contemporary, modern, traditional, cube, and log homes that feature Keuka Studios cable railing systems for your inspiration.

Exterior cable railings on pool deck exterior stairs and balconies of contemporary beach home.

Contemporary Beach Home Renovation

Located in New Jersey on Long Beach Island this Loveladies beach home sat vacant and neglected for many years. When new owners purchased the home they decided to refurbish it and completely update the decks with a minimalist and modern appearance. They removed a dated white metal tube railing that obstructed their ocean views and replaced it with a cable railing system. The client chose our Ithaca Style railing system for its slender railing posts and clean simple lines. The railings are custom modified to accommodate the site with shorter posts on the half wall. The posts are designed to be attached by fascia on the pool deck and surface mount on the upper-level rooftop decks.

  • Cable Railing Style: Ithaca Style Railing
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum with IPE top rail
  • Fascia and Surface Mounted Posts at Varied Lengths as needed for half walls
Desert villas with exterior cable railings on the decks.

Desert Villa with Custom Curved Railing System

The epitome of indoor-outdoor living, the Summit Club, NV desert villas offer sweeping decks and patios designed for gracious entertaining. Since the villas overlook the club’s golf course and have stunning views of the Red Rocks mountains the objective was to design a railing system that would maximize the views. To complement the architecture of the villa we custom-designed a unique curved blade-shaped railing post. The posts are powder-coated a custom color to match the exterior facade of the villa. The top rail is made of round stainless steel tube.

  • Cable Railing Style: Custom Curved Railing
  • Material: Powder-coated steel with polished stainless steel top rail
  • Posts are fascia mounted and made to a custom height of 40 inches
  • Builder: Discovery Land Company
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A log home adjacent to the forest curved cable railings system on the exterior.

Lake House Log Home with Curved Cable Railing

Situated adjacent to Liberty Lake, WA this residence enjoys panoramic views of the surrounding natural landscape. This log home combines architectural materials including wood, steel, and stone creating a rustic home with a modern touch. Since the view from the home was of utmost importance a cable railing system was chosen as the best choice to maximize the views. Our client chose the Keuka Style cable railing post for its gently curved shape. The railing posts were made to a height of 42 inches and custom modified to wrap around the deck drainage system.

  • Cable Railing Style: Keuka Style Railing
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel with wood top rail
  • Custom made posts at 42-in height and designed to wrap the deck’s drainage system
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Expansive mid century style home with curved cable railings on exterior decks, stairs and pool deck.

Lake Tahoe Mid-Century Modern Estate Update

Lake Tahoe also known as the Jewel of the Sierras is a recreation destination that boasts beaches, ski resorts, and state parks. Located in South Lake Tahoe is Villa Harrah originally built in the 1960s by William Harrah founder of Harrahs Casinos. The 22,000 sq ft home recently underwent a complete renovation bringing it up to date with modern amenities while paying homage to its famous roots. Our Keuka Style curved railing system was chosen for all the outdoor decks, stairs, balconies, and pool decks for its nautical aesthetic and to maintain the stunning panoramic lake and mountain views.

  • Cable Railing Style: Keuka Style Railing
  • Material: Custom color powder-coated steel with IPE top rail
  • Posts are surface mounted and made at a custom height for the concrete pool wall.
  • Architect: Solanna Design
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Cube Architecture with Rooftop Deck Cable Railings

Based on simple geometric lines this cube-style home has a modern design incorporating a combination of materials including stone, steel, glass, and wood. The unique home was planned to efficiently use all the available living spaces inside and outside. Therefore, a rooftop deck was added above the sunporch for enjoying the outdoors, and the views during the mild comfortable summer months in the Northeast. To complement the simple lines of the exterior of this cube-style home our client chose our Ithaca Style cable railing system.

  • Cable Railing Style: Ithaca Style Railing
  • Material: Custom color powder-coated steel with IPE top rail
  • Posts are surface-mounted
  • Architect: Krzystof Bury

Sleek Modern Home with Industrial Edge

Cleans lines and a sleek appearance with a unique blend of metals and brick define the look of this modern home. The porte-cochere creates a grand entrance to the home with the added benefit of extra rooftop space for entertaining, dining, and lounging. This client chose our Chicago Style cable railing system for the exterior of their home since the tapered post has a unique cut-out design with an industrial edge. The railing is made of powder-coated steel at a 42-inch height and fascia mounted.

  • Cable Railing Style: Chicago Style
  • Material: Custom color powder-coated steel with wood top rail
  • Posts are Fascia-mounted
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Contemporary home with curved rooflines and curved cable railings in located in the mountains of Tahoe NV.

Majestic Mountain Home with Curved Cable Railings

This contemporary home is located at a private home development club in Clear Creek, NV. The residence has an open floor plan with dramatic views of the mountains from every window. Because the main objective of the exterior deck railing design was to maintain the mountain views cable railings were a natural choice. Since the architecture of the home has curved rooflines the Keuka Style curved railing system was chosen to accentuate the contoured rooflines.

  • Cable Railing Style: Keuka Style Railing
  • Material: Custom color powder-coated steel with a 2 in x 6 in aluminum top rail.
  • Posts are fascia mounted
  • Architect: Kelly and Stone
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Tropical Modern Architecture with Cable Railings

The island of Kauai is referred to as the “Garden Island” for its lush undeveloped mountain ranges and rainforests. As is the custom in Hawaii many homes are given names, this home is named “Hale Ike Mala” meaning “Love of the Garden” since it is set on the hillside overlooking the orchard and pristine ocean. This residence was designed by Kelly and Stone Architects, their approach to creating homes is guided by sustainability and harmonizing with the site and the environment. They chose our Kauai Style railing for this project. The Kauai Style has slim posts and unique double-end posts connected with round stainless steel spacers. The railing is made to a height of 42-inches with 3/16 in cables.

  • Cable Railing Style: Kauai Style Railing
  • Material: Custom color powder-coated solid aluminum posts
  • Posts fascia mounted and made to a 42-inch height with 3/16 in stainless steel cables
  • Architect: Kelly and Stone
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  • Link to video of this home Hale Ike Mala

Industrial Style with Exposed Hardware and Beams

The Chicago Style railing was chosen for this home since it perfectly complements the exterior exposed beam architecture and stone facade. This railing design has an industrial edge with tapered posts that have a unique cutout pattern. Since the home is situated adjacent to panoramic views of the Colorado mountains the objective of the project was to maintain the views while accenting the architecture of the home.

  • Cable Railing Style: Chicago Style Railing
  • Material: Custom color powder-coated steel posts.
  • Posts fascia mounted with aluminum top rail.
  • Builder: Kogan Builders – Durango, CO
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Traditional beach home with outdoor lounging spaces including a hot tub. The Ithaca style cable railings system with its slim posts wrap the decks, balconies, boardwalk and screen porch.

Rehoboth Beach House with Deck Cable Railings

Located on the Delaware Shores Rehoboth Beach boasts plenty of fun and activities for the whole family including water activities, shopping on the boardwalk, and an amusement park. To maintain the stunning views and ocean breezes this client chose to use cable railings to wrap the exterior decks, balconies, screen porch, and boardwalk to the beach. They chose the Ithaca Style railing system for the slim posts and minimalist style that perfectly complements the traditional facade of the home.

Mid Century Modern with Curved Cable Railings

A mid-century modern home gets an update while maintaining the original simplicity of the style. Since the home has large floor-to-ceiling windows the client chose cable railings to maintain the views from the multi-level decks and from within the home. The railing style chosen for this project is our Keuka Style for its gently curved posts. That adds a unique approach to the otherwise straight lines of the architecture of the home.

  • Cable Railing Style: Keuka Style Cable Railings
  • Material: Powder-coated steel posts
  • Posts: Surface mounted with stainless steel cable

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At Keuka Studios, we custom fabricate residential and commercial stairs and railings to fit your style, space, and requirements. To learn more about how each cable railing project moves from vision to reality, take a look at our custom railing design process. We take pride in building craftsman-quality and commercial-grade cable railings for interior and exterior applications. Contact us to get started on your project.

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