Beach House Deck Cable Railing – Rehoboth Beach, DE

Large deck facing the beach with cable railing, hot tub, and lounge area.

Location: Rehoboth Beach, DE

Builder: Burton Builder LLC — Lewes, DE

Architect: Shawn Ewbank Design Collaborative — Rehoboth Beach, DE

Material and Finish: Anodized aluminum posts with a wood top rail.

Description: Ithaca Style cable railing on beach house's deck, ramps, balconies, screen porch, and interior stairs.


For this beach house deck, we used our Ithaca Style railing design to preserve the home’s coveted seaside view. The expansive outdoor living space includes a hot tub and multiple lounging areas that face the ocean. To keep the deck open, both for the view and the ocean breeze, our client opted for cable railing with slim anodized aluminum posts. The cable railing also runs along a ramp that leads straight to the beach. To achieve a cohesive design, we crafted cable railings for the home interior as well. This included all of the staircases and balconies within the house. Lastly, we designed a cable railing system for the screen porch. According to the residential building code, screens cannot function as a barrier.

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Beach house with cable railing system. View of Rehoboth Beach house at dusk. Beach house bathroom with a view of the ocean. Second-floor exterior balcony with cable railing overlooking the water. Cable railing ramp that connects beach house deck to the beach. Large oceanfront deck with hot tube and cable railing. Beachfront screen porch enclosed with Ithaca Style cable railing. Interior L-shaped staircase with Ithaca Style cable railing. Beach house interior stairs with cable railing and dark wood top rail.