Beautiful Before and After Deck Railing Makeovers

How to decide what type of deck railing is best for you.

Your deck is a great place for various activities including a place to entertain, dine, work or enjoy family time. After a while, your deck will need a refresh. One key component to planning a deck refresh is deciding what type of deck railing to choose. There are a variety of railing styles, materials, and colors to choose from for your dream deck.

One approach to choosing the style of the railing is to complement the architecture of the home’s exterior. Some railing designs are more modern, while others may be more traditional. A recent trend is to bridge different styles together which is considered transitional architecture.

Materials for deck railing posts include steel, aluminum, stainless steel and, wood or composite. Some railing infills that are available include cable, glass, or metal spindle. Environment, Cost, and Maintenance are a few considerations to think about when determining the material. Some materials are better for oceanfront or harsh environments like 316 stainless steel or galvanized steel.

Another consideration is the environment, for example, what is the prevailing wind direction. Are you interested in blocking the wind or feeling the natural breezes? A glass railing will block the wind while a cable railing will keep the gentle breezes flowing. When considering cost stainless steel will cost significantly more than steel.

Also, there are hundreds of powder coat colors choices so choosing the best color for your railing may be fun or difficult. Some homeowners prefer to have the railing color complement their home, while others want the posts to disappear into the landscape.

Lastly, you’ll want to think about how much maintenance the type of railing you install will require. For instance, a wood railing will need frequent painting or staining, and a glass railing will need to be cleaned to remove fingerprints or water spots, etc.

Below are some Before and After railing images that we hope you will find helpful in choosing your deck railings.

Wedding Venue Redo

Painted wood railing replaced with curved steel cable railing system

Before white painted wood railing on deck overlooking lake. After the same deck view with Curved cable railings.

Before: The vision for this project on Rock Island in Sparta, NJ was to create a wedding venue with the perfect setting for a romantic indoor and outdoor event. The deck had an old rotten painted wood railing that needed to be replaced. The owners desired a railing that would showcase the beautiful lake rather than block the view.

After: Our Keuka Style curved cable railing system was chosen to wrap all the exterior decks and interior stairs. The curved style of this railing has a nautical appeal that complements the water views. The posts are made of steel and powder-coated “Oil Rubbed Bronze”. Cable infill opens up the views of the lake rather than obstructing the view as the wood railing did. The Rock Island Lake Club created the perfect setting with relaxing outdoor deck spaces for guests to mingle and enjoy.

Oceanfront Renovation – Cable Railings

White painted tubular railing replaced with anodized aluminum cable railings

Before of deck worn deck with white painted railings and After of the same deck with updated wood and cable railings.

Before: This vacation home on the ocean located in Loveladies, NJ, sat vacant and neglected for several years. The entire exterior was in disrepair. The original railings on the decks, balconies, and rooftop were an outdated metal tubular style that was painted white. All of the deck railings including the stair railings needed to be replaced.

After: After purchasing this beachfront home the owners decided to refurbish the house and decks. Since the ocean views and contemporary style were important features of the home, they chose our Ithaca Style cable railing system. The thin railing posts have a modern aesthetic. They are fascia mounted to the curved deck for a streamlined minimal look. The posts are made of anodized aluminum, with 316 ss cables and IPE top rail.

Log Cabin – Deck Railing Update

Wood railing replaced with green cable railing

Before of wood spindle railings on log home. After image of the same house with painted green cable railing system.

Before: The owners of this secluded cabin located adjacent to the forest realized their deck and railings needed to be replaced. Instead of using the same style of railing, they opted to replace the wood railing with cable railings.

After: Since views of the forest were paramount to this renovation project the owners chose a cable railing system to replace the dated wood spindle railing. Since cable has a way of disappearing from the view. By choosing to powder coat the railing posts green the posts accent the home and at the same time blend in with the forest greenery.

Hudson River Expansion – Glavanized Stairs, and Deck Railings

Deck railings replaced with galvanized steel railings and stairs

Before of worn cottage on the Hudson river. After of the same home expanded in size with galvanized stairs, railings and spiral stairs.

Before: Located on the Hudson River, NY, with a natural beach and water access this home was in the perfect location for a family getaway. The harsh environment took its toll over the years resulting in the need to completely renovate the home and update the decks.

After: The owners did a complete renovation enlarging the size of the home, and increasing the outdoor entertaining space. The decks were expanded and two rooftop decks were added. The client chose Keuka Studios to design and fabricate a grand double staircase for the front of the deck and a two-story spiral staircase to access the main deck from the ground and both rooftop levels. The railing is our Ithaca style, The railings, and stairs are made of galvanized steel. creating a rustic industrial style. The railing infill is 316 ss cable.

Villa Harrah – Deck Railing Modernized

Black metal railings replaced with curved cable railing system

Before image of concrete pool deck and patio with old metal railing

Before: Villa Harrah in Lake Tahoe, NV was built in 1963 by William Harrah founder of Harrah’s Hotel and Casinos. Legend has it that he hosted showbiz icons including Judy Garland and the “Rat Pack” at this mega-mansion. The current homeowner decided the residence required a dramatic overhaul to bring it up-to-date. The exterior had several decks wrapping the home and stairs including a pool deck that required a refresh and new railings.

After pool deck with curved cable railings

After: Known for its majestic beauty, the owner’s objective was to create open views of the lake and surrounding mountainscapes. For this luxury home, they chose our curved Keuka Style railing system for the exterior. The curved railing posts have a nautical aesthetic that perfectly blends with the environment. The railings are custom-crafted to be fascia and surface mounted, including at different heights to accommodate the partial concrete wall.

At Keuka Studios, we custom fabricate residential and commercial stairs and railings to fit your style, space, and requirements. To learn more about how each cable railing project moves from vision to reality. Take a look at our custom railing design process. We take pride in building craftsman-quality and commercial-grade stairs and railings for interior and exterior applications. Contact us to get started on your project.

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