Bob Kennedy and Anne Broussard

We obtained our dream house on the Oyster River in Durham, New Hampshire last November 2009. We started to renovate this house in December and are nearing completion. The property has over 270 of water frontage. Our architect, a personal friend and fellow triathlete, designed the house so that we would have interior and exterior space to take advantage of the view. He designed a narrow deck on our second floor, where we have our living room, kitchen and master bedroom, so that it would not impact the lower level or the view from the upper level. We wanted a rail system that would provide safety for the users of the upper deck but not block any of our spectacular view. We were delighted to locate the Keuka Studios website and to learn of the rail systems that you make. We had envisioned a rail system with narrow metal posts capped with a 1-1 1/2 inch hardwood upper rail, with stainless steel wire rails spaced 4 to 5 inches apart. We were pleasantly surprised to learn about Keuka Studios’ Ithaca Style Railing, as this was exactly what we were looking for. The rest is history and we now have installed the most beautiful deck railing in all of Seacoast New Hampshire. Not only do we think this, but everyone from our plumber to our house appraiser has raved about the “Unbelievable Rail System” on our upper deck. Working with Jason White of Keuka Studios has also been a wonderful experience. He worked with our Architect, Rex Ingram, through the design phase of the project, kept us informed about the manufacture of the rail, and has followed up with its installation with our builder, who by the way, commented that the installation was simple and fast. In short, we love our Keuka Ithaca railing, it is everything that we thought it would be and more.