Open Living Space – Mill Valley, California

Interior Stainless steel cable railing on cat walk and staircase

Location: Mill Valley, California

Builder: Eric Woodhouse and Greg Shaw Construction (Fairfax, CA)

Material and Finish: Stainless steel posts with a #4 brushed finish.

Description: Ithaca Style stainless steel cable railing posts and an oak wood top rail.


This contemporary new home features our Ithaca Style stainless steel cable railing. The Ithaca Style helps to emphasize lots of natural light and bright, open spaces. Our Ithaca Style cable railing is our most modern looking cable railing design.

Rebuilt from the ground up, this home was designed by Eric Woodhouse and Greg Shaw Construction of Fairfax, California. Fifteen minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Mill Valley is known for its mountainous terrain and Mediterranean-like climate.

Ithaca Style stainless steel cable railing posts were precision CNC machined and brushed with a #4 finish. Our stainless steel comes in a variety of brushed or polished finishes. CNC machining the posts and screwing them together leaves no visible welds. Once the posts are installed, the hardware is completely hidden under the top wood railing and under the foot of the post and flooring.

The design also features custom CNC machined stainless steel escutcheon plates that slide over the posts for a clean, refined look to conceal the mounting hardware. A custom-milled and profiled oak wood top railing was provided sanded and ready to stain so that Eric could stain it to his liking on site. The stainless steel wall mount handrail brackets were custom fabricated to match the posts.

Our stainless steel cable railing posts were designed to withstand the load required to meet the international residential code. Always check with your local building official for code restrictions in your area before beginning any project.

Stainless steel aircraft cable infill flows gently with the angles of this interior staircase. With a streamlined and modern-looking design, this cable railing system incorporates stainless cable fittings that are small and unobtrusive to the eye. Ithaca Style cable railing has a simple design that works well with practically any type of architecture.

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