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Cable railing on balcony of open concept home at the top of the curved floating stairs

Trending Balcony Railing Designs

As home designs trend toward open floor plans with larger more spacious interior surroundings balconies are becoming an important part of interior design. Interior balcony railings influence the overall aesthetic of a room and offer an overlook to the lower level or through expansive windows to the outdoors. Many of today’s modern home styles such as farmhouse, craftsman, industrial, contemporary, or cube styles include interior balconies. They are frequently located in the home’s main entry or overlooking the great room.

Browse several interior balcony ideas below to inspire your next new build or renovation. These modern styles use cable, glass, or metal infill for the balcony railings.

1) Balcony Cable Railings

Penthouse Loft Balcony Railing

Located right in the heart of downtown Denver, this penthouse loft has some of the best views in the city. Not only can you see the metropolitan area from the two-story apartment, you can also take in the view of the mountains in distance. When the building, originally built in 1882, was most recently remodeled, the architects on the project wanted to open up space as much as possible. After the renovation, the penthouse needed a railing system for the interior balconies and staircase. Keuka Studios designed an Ithaca Style cable railing system for the loft. The railing’s slender posts and thin cable infill allow for unobstructed views of the apartment’s surroundings from almost everywhere within the loft.

Cable Railing System – Keuka Studios Ithaca Style

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Balcony Cable Railing for Modern Home

The owners of this modern mansion wanted to create a cohesive look for the home’s interior and exterior. To achieve this, they decided to install a matching cable railing on the outdoor decks and stairs and the indoor balconies and stairs. For their railings, the homeowners chose our Chicago Style posts which have a unique, industrial-style appearance. The posts are “Sparkle Silver” powder-coated steel which creates a stark contrast with the railing’s wood top rail.

Cable Railings – Keuka Studios Chicago Style Railing

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Balcony railing overlooking floor to ceiling windows and great room

Modern Farmhouse with Black Cable Railings

A new modern farmhouse with high ceilings, large wood timbers, and modern design elements was designed and built by Perello Design & Build in Southhampton NY. The black and white home features natural elements with rustic timbers and a modern design. Floor-to-ceiling windows are located on the back of the home with views of the pool and patio. Our Ithaca-style cable railing runs along the balcony allowing for the unobstructed natural flow of light throughout the great room. The cable railing posts are powder coated to match the window trim and paired with black cables and fittings to complement the black and white modern farmhouse style.

Cable Railings – Keuka Studios Ithaca Style Railing with black cables and fittings.

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Curved Railing for Interior Glass Balcony

This Montana log cabin home built by Hoyt Homes has a unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Including floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass balcony blended with wood ceilings and heavy beams. The expansive windows bring natural light into the home and allow for panoramic views of the forests and mountains. Our Keuka Style curved cable railing system fascia mounted with a wood top rail was chosen to wrap the glass balcony and library loft.

Cable Railings – Keuka Studios Keuka Style Railing

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Traditional Modern with Cable Balcony Railings

Located on a heavily wooded lot in Katnaoh NY is this remodeled traditional home. The owner wanted to add a bit of modern flair to the existing traditional design and create a unique look. The cable railing system is our Ithaca style with added separators to expand the post to post spacing. The top rail is Brazilian cherry, finished to match the floors. The railing posts are powder-coated “Raven Texture Black”

Cable Railing – Keuka Studios Ithaca Style Railing

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Entrance Balcony Cable Railing

A complete rebuild of a traditional New England home gets an update with a modern aesthetic. The design & build firm James C Erb construction raised the ceiling and added large windows creating a grand entrance with an open concept floor plan. They chose a custom Ithaca Style cable railing system for the balcony powder coated black with maple top rails to match the flooring and stair treads.

Cable Railing – Keuka Studios Ithaca Style

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Curved balcony cable railing overlooking great room

Craftsman Style with Curved Balcony Cable Railing

A modern craftsman-style home combines an open concept floor plan with the warmth of wood floors and ceiling beams creating an inviting and spacious great room. Our Keuka Style curved cable railing system was chosen for the balconies and stairs of this home. The railings are surface mounted with exposed hardware and stainless steel cables and fittings.

Cable Railing – Keuka Studios Keuka Style Railing

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Slim post cable railing on balcony overlooking great room with large timber construction

Great Room Balcony Railing

A ski chalet in the Vermont mountains combines large timber beams with exposed structural steel elements creating a unique combination of stone, steel, and, wood in this modern craftsman-designed home. The cable railing chosen for this project is our Kauai Style, with slim intermediate posts and double end posts. The balcony railing posts are designed to be mounted below the flooring giving the railing posts a minimal sleek appearance.

Cable Railings – Keuka Studios Kauai Style Railing

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2) Glass Railings For Balconies

Grand Entrance Open Concept Home Railings

Contemporary and modern this home boasts large entertaining spaces with high ceilings and is full of natural light. To maintain the open feel of the great room and accentuate the high ceilings a modern glass balcony railing was chosen. The balcony railing and glass standoffs are finished with a copper powder coat to complement the window trim. The glass railing wraps the balcony and floating stairs creating a sleek and sophisticated entrance to the home.

Glass Railing – Keuka Studios Frameless with Glass Standoffs

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Desert Oasis Glass Balcony Railings

The Summit Club is located just outside Las Vegas, NV, with views of the desert landscapes and Vegas strip. The club is a fully private residential golf and lifestyle club offering a variety of new residences. To complement the high ceilings and open concept great room a glass railing was chosen for the balcony. The balcony railing has thin railing posts with framed glass recessed glass panels. The glass railings open up the space and add a touch of luxury to the overall aesthetic of the home.

Glass Railing – Keuka Studios Framed (Dadoed) Glass Railing

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3) Metal Balcony Railings

Great Room Balcony Pencil Rod Railing

A horizontal round bar railing was selected for the interior and exterior of this cedar cube house in Scarsdale NY. This modern home has geometric shapes and strong linear lines throughout the home. To create synergy throughout the home’s interior and exterior one railing style was chosen for both. The railing wraps the interior and exterior balconies, decks, and stairs and is made of steel with a white oak top rail.

Metal Railings – Keuka Studios Pencil Rod Railing

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We take pride in building craftsman-quality and commercial-grade railings and stairs for interior and exterior applications. Every Keuka Studios custom railing or staircase is built specifically for your space. As a result, our products fit perfectly with your home or business’ existing architecture, both in terms of structure and style. To learn more about how each project moves from vision to reality, take a look at our custom railing design process.

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