Horizontal Round Bar Railing – Scarsdale, NY

Horizontal Round Bar railing on floating stairs with wood treads

Location: Scarsdale, NY

Builder: KOSL Building Group - Mamaroneck, NY

Architect: Thread Collective - Brooklyn, NY

Material and Finish: The interior and exterior horizontal round bar railing AKA Pencil Railings are made of steel that is powder-coated "Raven Texture Black". The interior mono stringer floating stair is steel with steel tread supports. The exterior stair is a double stringer made from C-channel with custom steel tread supports. The exterior treads and handrail are IPE. The interior wood treads and handrails are white oak.

Description: We expertly designed and fabricated the interior and exterior stairs and horizontal round bar railings for this modern cube-style home. The interior stair is a three-story single stringer stair with floating white oak treads and a horizontal bar railing. The exterior stair is made with C - channel. The stair railings, deck railing and roof top railing have horizontal round bars.


We collaborated with the architects at Thread Collective and the luxury home builders KOSL Building Group on the innovative interior and exterior floating stairs and railings for this cube-style home in Scarsdale, NY. This modern home has vertical and horizontal elements with noticeable geometric shapes throughout. Creating a floating stair with a horizontal round bar railing for this home was the natural choice to complement the home’s linear geometry and strong lines. The interior design aesthetic has a minimalist feel with comfortable and open spacious living areas and large windows allowing natural daylight to reach further into the home. The variety of materials used, artfully combined, includes the use of wood, glass, concrete, and metal to create this bespoke and minimalist home.

Floating Stairs and Railings

To complement the architecture and maintain the open spacious feel of the home we custom-designed a floating stair for the interior with a rectangle-shaped single stringer and horizontal round bar railings. The railings wrap the three-level staircase and the upper-level balconies. The round bar balcony railing is creatively designed with double spar end posts that are surface mounted below the flooring for a minimal appearance. We provided a sheet steel balcony facade,powder-coated to match the railings. The outdoor stairs, deck, and rooftop deck railings match the style of the interior railings creating synergy throughout the inside and outside of the home. The exterior stair has a double stringer made of C-channel steel. The treads on the exterior stair are made of 1-1/2 in x 3 in IPE slats with space in between each board resulting in a wood grate appearance. The tread supports were uniquely designed for this grate-style approach.

See more of this impressive home by KOSL Building Group in this video.

Photography by: www.timwilliamsphoto.com

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Floating mono stringer stairs with horizontal pencil railing. Great room with horizontal round rod railing on upper balcony. Floating stairs with mono stringer and rod railing. Bedroom deck with horizontal round bar railing. Horizontal round bar railing on outdoor decks, rooftop deck and floating stairs. Cozy living room with view of deck and horizontal round bar railing. View of deck with modern horizontal round bar railing. Cube style home with large windows and floating interior stairs.