Where Do You Find Cable Railings Used?

Green cable railing posts with wood hand rail.

Once in a while I have a customer who contacts me and they say “I found your cable railings online and I love them”! They follow up with “I have never seen a railing like this in my area, where can I find examples of your work”?

Since we manufacture and ship our railings all over the country . . . our work can be found everywhere. With that being said there are certain areas in particular where cable railings are more popular than other areas.

Cable railings are found in areas where there is a beautiful view

Our cable railings are great at maintaining your view. A view to beautiful scenery can be a lake view in Salt Lake City Utah, a mountain view in Denver Colorado, an ocean view in the British Virgin Islands or a rooftop view in downtown Boston MA. These are the places where cable railings are typically found.

Waterfront properties especially are popular places to find cable railings since the cabling and hardware originated from marine products and sail boats. The stainless steel wire rope and stainless steel cable fittings evoke a nautical feeling that most waterfront property owners really enjoy.

Using cable as the infill for your railing will give it a very “sleek” and “modern” look. For this reason we have also found many interior applications. Interior staircases and interior guard rails have become increasing popular places to use cable railings. Since we do not have to face the elements with an interior railing we can get a little more creative with the railings design.

Want to see a project in person? Just let me know and I can search our database to see if we have done a railing near you.