Canopy Walk Cable Railing – Lakeland, FL

View of raised walkway from below with curved cable railings

Location: Bonnet Springs Park, Lakeland, FL

Builder: Nature Bridges

Material and Finish: The Keuka Style curved cable railing system that is used on the canopy bridge and the Ithaca-style railing on the boat house are made of steel and powder-coated Raven Texture Black. Both railing styles were custom designed to be fascia mounted to the front of the structures. The cables are 3/16 inch and made of 316ss.

Description: This project consists of two of our popular cable railing systems. The curved Keuka Style railing was the natural choice for the curved canopy bridge that serpentines through the forest treetops . The curved shape of the railing post complements the curving walkway. The Ithaca-style cable railing system with its minimalist design perfectly accents the architectural lines of the boat house.


The Crenshaw Canopy Walk meanders through Bonnet Springs Park creating a place where the community can go to discover and explore the natural beauty of the surroundings.  It is both exhilarating and peaceful to walk along the elevated walkway that serpentines through the treetops of the large and magnificent oaks. The bridge includes several seating areas,  a place to take a moment to enjoy the forest and lake views. Below the canopy walkway are several hiking trails, a lake, and a walkway to the boat house.

Since the focus of the park is bringing people closer to nature our Keuka Style curved cable railing system was chosen for the canopy walkway bridge. The natural, flowing lines of the curved railing marry perfectly with this sinuous bridge. Cable railings also have a way of disappearing from the eye maximizing the view of the scenery.

In addition to the canopy walkway, the park features a boat house with a screened-in party pavilion. Our Ithaca Style cable railing system wraps the decks around the structure, the access ramps, and the viewing dock. The boat house dock provides access to the water for canoeing or kayaking.

We had the pleasure of working with Nature Bridges on this project, they are a leading bridge construction company that specializes in timber bridges and pedestrian bridges.

Bonnet Springs Canopy Walkway Video

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