Fannie Mae Pedestrian Bridge Railing – Newark, Delaware

Cable bridge railing on walkway

Location: Newark, DE

Builder: W. T. Stocum & Sons — West Chester, PA

Architect: Jordan Honeyman Landscape Architecture LLC — Washington D.C.

Material and Finish: "Dazzling Pewter" powder-coated steel posts with IPE Brazilian walnut wood top rail.

Description: Chicago Style pedestrian bridge railing.


Keuka Studios designed a cable railing system for the campus of a business, located in Newark, Delaware. When our clients expanded the facility, they wanted to promote outdoor recreation. They decided to add a park to the compound where employees can relax, socialize, or get some exercise. Furthermore, our clients retrofitted their retention basin and turned it into a beautiful pond that’s the focal point of the park. Now, the park features walking paths around the pond, a pedestrian bridge that crosses the pond, a deck directly on the water, and terraces with outdoor seating.

Customized Deck and Pedestrian Bridge Railing:

Our team designed and fabricated a commercial-grade cable railing system for the campus. The railing runs along a pedestrian bridge and waterfront deck. For an industrial look, our clients chose Chicago Style railing posts. The posts are 42″ tall in compliance with commercial building codes. To match the natural scenery, our clients opted for “Dazzling Pewter” powder-coated steel for the posts. In order to support a wide top rail, we added a large top plate to each post. The top rail is IPE, also known as Brazilian walnut, which holds up well against corrosion. It also matches perfectly with the wood used for the deck and bridge.

The bridge crosses over a 96-foot wide waterfall. Our clients hired civil engineers to retrofit the preexisting stormwater management pond to make it more aesthetically pleasing. A 6-foot tall stone weir now creates the waterfall that separates the pond into an upper and lower level. Our cable railing system maintains the openness of the bridge. The 3/16″ diameter cable infills make the railing nearly transparent. This design helps to preserve the natural beauty of the park. As a result, strolling the bridge and walking paths is the perfect way to spend a relaxing, scenic lunch hour.

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