Cable Deck Railings

Ithaca Style cable railing on mountain

Ithaca Style Cable Railing Shows off the surrounding scenery in Biltmore Lake, North Carolina

Deck railings are an important, yet under-appreciated, aspect to the exterior of any home or business. A necessary element for structure and safety, cable railings nonetheless offer an opportunity to marry form and function.The wrong railing can clash with your existing styles, block out the beauty surrounding your home or business, or require additional maintenance and upkeep. The right railing, on the other hand, is an extension of your style, and complements both the building and the local scenery. Carefully designed railings offer stability and peace of mind.

Since deck railings are used to ensure the safety of people on your deck or porch, Keuka Studios meticulously crafts each baluster and post to offer maximum stability and strength, without sacrificing beauty. Offering fascia- or surface-mount styles, our railings are designed to blend in not only aesthetically, but structurally, as well. Because each of our deck railing systems is custom-built based on your specifications and manufactured entirely in the USA, we’re able to maintain strict quality control to ensure that your railing complements your existing architecture and looks exactly how you want it to look. Find out more about our railing design process as well as relevant building codes.

Keuka Studios offers a variety of railing styles and design options, but we’re also happy to accommodate custom designs.

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Deck Railing Styles and Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a clean, minimalist design to enhance the beauty of the your surroundings, our Ithaca Style Cable Railing boasts an industry-leading ½” intermediate post, so your railing won’t obstruct your views.

For a more contemporary look, our Tokyo Style Cable Railing marries a sleek profile with strong, sharp lines decks or porches with a more modern design.

Our Keuka Style offers a bolder, more stylized exterior cable railing with a nautical feel. The graceful curves highlight beach or maritime settings, while the careful design provides a nearly maintenance-free option even in the rigors of seaside environments.

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At Keuka Studios, we pride ourselves on manufacturing beautiful and functional cable railings for interior and exterior applications, stairs, and decks. Browse our gallery of design ideas, check out our pricing page, or contact us to discuss designs and request a quote.