Modern Cable Railings

Ithaca style railing with reclaimed wood beams.

Modern cable railing highlights the warm, open space in Sharon, CT

Clean and simple lines are fundamental to modern architecture. The Ithaca style railing exemplifies this with its thin vertical members and slender top rail. If the best design is the simplest one that works then the Ithaca railing aims squarely at achieving this. This simplicity translates into clear, unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape from within the structure yet when viewed from the exterior its minimalist design allows the building’s design to take center-stage. Regardless of the twists and turns in your project, we will design an optimal solution for each transition ensuring a look that always follows this designs mantra.

Precision is the the word often used to describe this cable railing from Keuka Studios. Our materials are solid to the core. No flimsy, thin walled extrusions used here. Each railing post is CNC machined and fully assembled and carefully packed before sending to a customer. This process allows complete design flexibility as opposed to off the shelf components that you have to make do with. We make the design fit the project versus the other way around.

Equally at home on your outdoor deck as well as a sophisticated modern interior. The ultra-clean, ultra-modern, Ithaca style cable railing.

Tokyo Cable Railing: A modern Asian influence is on display with the sharp lines and barely-there profile of our Tokyo style.

A Modern Cable Railing to Highlight Your Space

Every Keuka Studios design project is custom-built to your space and specifications. Our railings do more than just provide a safe barrier, they compliment your modern design with this clean and simple aesthetic . Read more about how each installation of modern cable railings moves from vision to reality with a look at our custom railing design process.

We take pride in manufacturing and installing craftsman quality, industrial strength cable railings for interior and exterior applications, stairs, and decks. Browse our gallery of design ideas, then view our pricing page or contact us to begin the custom railing design process to complete your space.