Cable Fence and Gates – Winter Garden, FL

Cable Fence with driveway and man gates for commercial business office.

Location: Winter Garden, FL

Builder: DPR Construction

Material and Finish: Cable fence posts are made of steel and powder-coated in a custom color "Flat Iron Gray" to match the accent color of the building. The fence posts are made to be heavy-duty with additional thin spacer bars between the intermediate posts adding rigidity to the cables. The cables are 3/16 in diamether and made of 316 stainless steel, they are spaced 6 inches apart. A thick aluminum tube top rail measuring 2 in x 5 in runs the length of the fence. The fence is connected to concrete piers and stands about 6 ft tall.

Description: This project consisted of custom designing and fabricating a decorative cable fence, driveway gates, and a pedestrian gate for a corporate office building.


Riegl USA is known as an international leading provider of cutting-edge technology in terrestrial scanning solutions. As a growing company, they required additional space so they added a brand new facility in Winter Garden, FL. As you approach the location from the street you will see a strikingly modern building with an expansive cable fence that adds a decorative touch while being a deterrent for uninvited visitors.

For this project, we designed and fabricated a cable fence, a pedestrian gate, and driveway gates The gates are designed with the same structural detail and aesthetic as the fence posts. The cable fence follows the topography of the land and each post is connected to concrete piers. Also, thin spacers were added between the posts to add rigidity to the cables while maintaining the view through the fence.


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Cable Fence on Corporate Facility Driveway gate with cable infill Pedestrian gate with cables Expansive cable fence with driveway gate Corporate facility with cable fence and cable gates.