White Cable Railing for International Yacht Club

White cable railing system for oceanfront terrace

Location: Oil Nut Bay, British Virgin Islands

Builder: Victor International

Architect: OBMI International – Coral Gables, FL

Material and Finish: White powder-coated stainless steel posts with a teak wood top rail.

Description: White cable railing system with steel Ithaca Style posts and a custom cable termination.


The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda is a premier sailing association based in northern Sardinia. When the club decided to build another facility, they chose Virgin Gorda, one of the British Virgin Islands. Located on Oil Nut Bay, the yacht club features a 38-berth marina and a luxurious clubhouse designed by OBMI International. The clubhouse features an oceanview terrace, restaurant, bar, and infinity pool. From the terrace, guests can take in the alluring views of the clear ocean water and sailing vessels. You can also see other islands in the distance.

White Cable Railing System:

The project managers at Victor International searched online for a cable railing provider. Above all, they were looking for a fabricator who could provide custom work to suit their unique needs. When they found Keuka Studios, they were impressed by our ability to meet the demands of any job site.

Our team designed a cable railing system for the clubhouse’s spacious waterfront terrace. In order to fit the yacht club’s nautical look, the designers chose a powder-coated white cable railing system. The railing features steel Ithaca Style posts, stainless steel cable infill, and a teak wood top rail. These materials can resist corrosion even in the harsh, salty air.

For a clean and polished look, the railings posts were core drilled into the clubhouse’s concrete structure. Afterward, the builders laid tile around the posts. We also crafted CNC-machined escutcheon plates for each railing post.

We also had to come up with a creative solution for the termination of the railing system. Our engineers designed a custom terminal anchor inspired by a headboard plate.


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Keuka Studios custom cable railings created for YCCS in the British Virgin Islands. Aerial view of YCCS Marina. YCCS yachts in the British Virgin Islands. Specially designed railing parts for any unique situation. Patio view through powder-coated white cable railing system. Keuka Studios Cable railings at YCCS British Virgin Islands