Niles, Illinois Monumental Stair and Cable Rail

Entry stairs Monumental stair and cable railing 4

Location: Niles, Illinois

Builder: Ralph H. Simpson Company - Elmhurst, Illinois

Architect: Ghafari Associates – Chicago, Illinois

Material and Finish: The posts are powder coated steel. The cables and hardware are stainless steel. The top railing is powder coated aluminum. The steel stair stringers painted black and stair treads are concrete.

Description: ADA-compliant, entry and shop monumental stairs with Ithaca Style cable railing.


Monumental shop stairs and monumental entry stairs with stainless cable railing convey Woodwards commitment to innovation and functionality at this recently opened facility in Niles, Illinois.
Woodward Airframes in Niles, Illinois develops energy management systems for the aerospace and industrial sectors. They focus on top performing, low emission and fuel efficient systems for their clients. The company has a long history, starting in 1870 at Rockford, Illinois. The company’s first invention, created by Amos W. Woodward, was a non-compensating, mechanical water wheel governor. As new technology developed, they stayed on the cutting edge of innovation. Today Woodward has offices in 15 countries and supplies many essential components for aerospace and industrial machines.
All monumental steel stairs painted black on site. The cable railing posts and top rail powder coated sparkle silver to match the modern look of the rest of the facility. The stairs sit in front of a large window panel in a central hallway, so the design needed a seamless flow. The 3/16” inch diameter stainless steel cable is rigid enough for the commercial environment and maintains the natural light flow to and from the hallway and window panel while also contributing to the appeal of the design.
The 42-inch high cable railing used stainless-steel hardware throughout its construction. The cable fittings hide inside the post for a clean and contemporary look, so the cable railing stands out as a focal point on the shop stairs. The powder coated steel posts extend through the cement stair treads to create an eye catching appearance. Even more visually pleasing is the stair spacing that allows more light through the structure, with the lighter color treads contrasting with the powder coated silver steel posts.
The top rail made from aluminum rectangular tubing powder coated sparkle silver. The steel provides a slight contrast with the stainless steel used throughout the hardware and cable railing. The grab rail is “ADA-compliant”. It satisfies the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act as an easily graspable metal railing. The ADA handrail sits 6” below the top rail and runs along the entire length of the stairs extending 12” past the first and last step.

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