Boardwalk Railing, Houston, TX

boardwalk railing

Location: Juan Seguin Park, Houston TX

Builder: Landscape Art, Inc

Architect: Clark Condon Associates

Material and Finish: The Ithaca Style cable railing has steel posts that are 42-inches tall and powder-coated. Each stainless steel cable has a 3/16-inch diameter and the railing system has an IPE wood top rail.

Description: Waterside boardwalk railing with built-in plaque system custom made for a park in Houston, Texas.


Juan Seguin historical park is located near the South landing of the Lynchburgh Ferry. Juan Seguin was a political and military leader who was instrumental in the fight for Texas’ independence. Take a stroll along the boardwalk where multiple plaques provide historical information about the region. The park provides a waterfront deck view of the passing boats. The talented Keuka Studios team designed and fabricated the boardwalk railing and plaque system with powder-coated steel posts, stainless steel cables, and an IPE wood top railing.

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