Black Cable Railing – Berkshires, MA

Black Cable Railing

Location: Berkshires, MA

Material and Finish: This black cable railing system features powder-coated steel posts and blackened stainless steel fittings and cable infill. The exterior railing has a steel top rail and the interior railing features a wood top rail.

Description: An Ithaca Style black cable railing system for an interior staircase and balcony and an exterior staircase and deck.


The owners of this modern home in the Berkshire Mountains wanted to create the perfect retreat for secluded relaxation. With an incredible view of the surrounding forest, the home was designed to maximize the natural vistas. This meant incorporating numerous floor-to-ceiling windows and constructing large open spaces within the home. To preserve the openness and to avoid obstructing the views through the windows, the homeowners chose cable railing for both the interior and exterior. The house required railings for an indoor staircase and a balcony as well as an outdoor staircase and a large deck.

Minimalist Structure:

Preserving the home’s views also entailed coming up with a minimalist design for the railings themselves. For example, the homeowners wanted their railings to have slender posts with clean lines. Our sleek Ithaca Style posts perfectly fit the bill. Similarly, they requested slim but sturdy top rails. Both the steel top rail on the outdoor system and the wood top rail on the indoor system have thin rectangular profiles.

Creating Black Cable Railing Systems:

To match the modern aesthetic of the house, the homeowners wanted their outdoor railings to have all-black exteriors. (The interior railing system is all black except for the wood top rail which matches the floating staircase.) Our team fabricated all the railing posts and the top rail for the exterior railing from steel. These components received a black powder coat that not only adds color but also provides extra protection from scratching and weathering.

For all the infill cables and exposed fittings, we used our blackened stainless steel fittings. Each piece of stainless steel hardware has a black patina created through a conversion coating process commonly referred to as black oxide. This patina adds color and gives the stainless steel a softer and more subdued appearance.

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