College Staircase with ADA-Compliant Handrail – Jacksonville, FL

cable railing and ADA compliant graspable handrail on interior staircase at the Jacksonville University.

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Builder: Perry-McCall – Jacksonville, FL

Architect: Dasher Hurst Architects – Jacksonville, FL

Material and Finish: White painted steel posts, a wood top rail, and a stainless steel ADA compliant handrail.

Description: Interior staircase and balcony cable railings with an ADA compliant handrail.


Glenn Dasher of Dasher Hurst Architects approached us about fabricating a cable railing system for the new the new Jacksonville University College of Health Sciences building. Dasher’s design includes a two-story linear atrium that runs the length of the building and features clerestory windows that bring daylight into the interior offices and corridors. An indoor garden with a cascading water feature also brings the outdoors into the interior of the university building.

The architect chose our Ithaca Style cable railing for the staircase and balconies to give the space a modern aesthetic. The railing uses our thinnest railing posts and has clean, simple lines. Additionally, Keuka Studios fabricated stainless steel ADA compliant graspable handrails for the staircase. The handrails enhance the look of the cable railing while meeting the commercial building code requirements.

Our fabrication process began with designing and rendering the project to help the architects, builders, and stakeholders review the designs and approve the project. Keuka Studios uses this approach so that with every project we can ensure that everyone involved understands the intent for the finished product. During the rendering process, we can experiment with various colors and finishes to help decide on the finer details. In this case, the builders decided to paint the steel railing posts white on location and finish the railing with a solid maple wood top rail. The completed cable railing and ADA compliant handrail have a clean and sophisticated look and it fit perfectly with the light and airy feel of the surrounding space.

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