Glass Stair Railing – Nantucket, MA

Transluscent blue couter top

Location: Nantucket, MA

Builder: Versatile Const. Services – Nantucket, MA

Material and Finish: Stainless steel pipe railing #6 brushed finish.

Description: Brushed stainless steel railing with glass infill.


Nautical details abound in this classic Nantucket beach cottage. Light hardwood floors and white shiplap walls come together to create a light and airy feel. Glass and stainless steel were selected not to overpower the space and allow the light from the window above the stairwell to cast down to the living space below. The result, a breezy coastal style summer home with a touch of modern sophistication.

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Glass railing with stainless steel hand rail Glass Stair Railing With Custom Stainless Steel Posts Modern Fireplace With Open Gas Flame Stainless Handrail White Horizantal Panels With Oak Treads And Glass Railing Window In Stair Well