Modern Railing System – Ocean Ridge, Florida

modern railing system made of aluminum railing on concrete porch

Location: Ocean Ridge, FL

Material and Finish: "Sparkle Silver" powder-coated aluminum posts with Ipe wood top rail, and stainless steel cabel.

Description: Tokyo Style cable railing system made with powder-coated aluminum posts fascia mounted to deck and steps.


For their exterior deck railing, our client wanted a modern railing system that appears as transparent as possible. So, they opted for our modern Tokyo Style cable railing design. Because of the home’s saltwater environment, we crafted the railing posts from aluminum with a silver powder coat. The Tokyo style is a modern minimalist style with sharp lines and a sleek profile. The corner and end posts have thin square bars that add to the Asian influence of the style.  The railing system on the outdoor deck is fascia mounted to create a streamlined look. Fascia mounting allows for more space on the deck and a streamlined appearance since when sitting on your deck the post mounting hardware is not visible.  This railing wraps the deck and the steps to the lower level.  We designed this modern aluminum railing system to perfectly fit the site. The railing infill is 1/8th inch, 316 stainless steel cable, with stainless steel fittings. IPE was used for the wood top rail.  With our Tokyo Style deck cable railing system, the client accomplished their objective of maintaining their view.  Custom designed to fit your site our railing systems include the posts, cables and fittings, top rail (optional) and hardware.

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