Spiral Staircase – Jupiter, Florida

Custom made spiral staircase leading to upper level balcony

Location: Jupiter, FL

Material and Finish: "Dazzling Pewter" powder-coated steel posts with mahogany wood top rail.

Description: Keuka Style cable railing and custom spiral staircase.


Our client in Jupiter, Florida wanted their loft to add flair to their home interior. For a cohesive look, Keuka Studios fabricated a loft railing that connects to a custom-made spiral staircase. We used “Dazzling Pewter” powder-coated steel for the posts and stairs. The loft railing has a mahogany wood top rail while the staircase railing has a steel top rail. To emulate the look of a seashell, we used our curved Keuka Style railing posts for the steps that wrap around the staircase’s center post as they descend.

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Spiral staircase with balcony overlooking the living room Close up of cable spiral staircase Spiral stair rendering Spiral stair and cable railing rendering