Front Porch Cable Railing in Stainless Steel – Cambridge, MA

Front of Cambridge, MA home with passivated stainless steel cable railing

Location: Cambridge, MA

Architect: Hecht and Associates Architects, Inc. — Belmont, MA

Material and Finish: Passivated stainless steel posts and stainless steel top rail.

Description: Front porch, balcony, and exterior staircase stainless steel cable railing system with custom matching gate.


Keuka Studios designed a complete cable railing system, including a front porch cable railing, for the exterior of this home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The homeowner wanted a railing with a modern feel yet simple design to complement the traditional architecture of the home. To achieve this, she chose our Ithaca Style railing which features slender posts, clean lines, and a flat top rail. In order to match the railing to the home’s white siding and grey roof, the homeowner requested passivated stainless steel for the railing system. The sleek, soft sheen of the material gives the railing a polished look and doesn’t clash with the traditional aspects of the home exterior.

In the front of the home, the cable railing encompasses the staircase and raised porch. The side of the home features an exterior staircase, surrounded by a concrete barrier, that leads underground to the basement. To eliminate the fall hazard that the staircase and barrier present, our team designed a cable railing system at a custom height to sit on top of the barrier. We also fabricated a stainless steel handrail for the staircase and a matching gate. The same side of the home includes a balcony that connects to a second-story bedroom. Our cable railing encloses this outdoor living space without obstructing the view or the breeze.


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