Coastal Cable Railing for North Shore Guesthouse

Sleek cable railings

Location: North Shore, MA

Architect: Lian Eoyang of VIF Studio - San Francisco, CA

Material and Finish: This Ithaca Style cable railing system has solid aluminum posts with an "Oil-Rubbed Bronze" powder-coat finish. The exterior railing features an IPE top rail and the interior railing system has a maple top rail. All of the cables and fittings are 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Description: Ithaca Style cable railing system for a waterfront deck and interior stairs.


This charming guesthouse on Massachusetts’ North Shore sits just feet away from the water’s edge. The home rests on top of a rocky bluff that descends down to the water, giving the cottage unparalleled oceans views of the Boston Harbor. When Lian Eoyang of VIF Studio designed the home, she had two main goals: creating a natural aesthetic and accentuating the property’s ocean views.

Northshore Magazine featured Eoyang’s work on the guesthouse in its October 2014 cover story. In the article, Eoyang said that she “looked at the environment and wanted the house to be ‘born’ from natural elements.” To achieve this look, she blended stone, steel, and wood throughout the home interior and exterior.

Eoyang also told Northshore Magazine that her design for the guesthouse became “more about the view and not the structure itself.” In order to preserve the home’s stunning vistas, Eoyang employed floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a Keuka Studios cable railing system.

Coastal Cable Railing:

We designed an Ithaca Style coastal cable railing for the guesthouse’s waterfront deck. The slender posts, flat top rail, and stainless steel cable infill all contribute to the railing’s minimalist design. As a result, the railing doesn’t intrude on the views of the water from the deck or the great room on the other side of the glass doors. For the railing, Eoyang chose solid aluminum posts with an “Oil-Rubbed Bronze” powder coat. The railing also features an IPE top rail that matches the IPE decking.

In addition to the deck railing, our team engineered and crafted a cable railing system for an interior staircase. This railing features the same Ithaca Style solid aluminum posts as the exterior railing. The railing system, in combination with the floating stairs, gives the inside of the home an open feel. Furthermore, the light hue of the maple handrail matches the flooring in the great room and adds to the home’s earthy aesthetic.


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