Mid–Century Modern Home Open Stairs – Pittsford, NY

Floating staircase for mid-century modern home

Location: Pittsford, NY

Material and Finish: Steel posts and stringers powder coated in "Raven Black" with an oak wood top rail and oak wood stair treads.

Description: Sawtooth steel plate double-stringer, open-riser staircase with Ithaca Style cable railing.


This home is located in Pittsford, New York, which is a suburb of Rochester. It has been a labor of love for the homeowners. Our clients said they purchased the home because of its quiet location and unique architecture. Specifically, they loved the two-story,  floor-to-ceiling windows that lit up the whole home with natural light. However, as with many mid-century homes, the interior required some major renovations, including a new staircase for the front room with the large windows. To complement the open-concept design of the interior and to allow the sun from the windows to shine through the stairs, they chose a custom open-riser staircase with a cable railing system. Keuka Studios designed and fabricated the stairs, treads, and railings. We custom cut two “sawtooth style” steel plate stringers with fascia-mounted railing posts welded directly to the stairs. The posts are our Ithaca Style cable railing design. All the steel was double powder coated in “Raven Black.” The homeowners chose red oak for the custom-milled wood top rail and the stair treads. We designed 1.5″ thick L-shaped wood stair treads with 3″ thick nosings.

Our clients said that since the staircase was installed, it has made “all the difference” in brightening their home and opening up the interior space. The stairs fit right in with the mid-century modern furniture and decor throughout the interior. The front room where the stairs are located features a unique lime green door, hanging artwork, floral wallpaper, classic mid-mod end tables, accent chairs, and a sectional. The wood on the staircase and the sharp, clean lines of the sawtooth steel stair stringers perfectly complement these interior design elements.

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