University Entry – Bourbonnais, Illinois

sitting area on balcony

Location: Bourbonnais, Illinois

Builder: Buchar, Mitchell, Bajt Architects Inc. – Joliet, Illinois

Architect: Piggush-Simoneau, Inc. – Kankakee, Illinois

Material and Finish: Powder coated “raven black” fascia mounted steel posts with stainless steel cables and a wood top railing. ADA compliant powder coated steel graspable hand rails.

Description: Chicago Style cable railing for interior balcony and stairs.


Olivet Nazarene University located on University Avenue about 50 miles south of the city of Chicago. ONU has experienced enrollment explosion in its engineering program reed hall of science. Doubling the amount of students enrolled over the past 5 years. The 19,000-square-foot engineering addition with new capabilities opened its doors to students in the fall of 2014. New capabilities include faculty offices, hands on laboratory, physics laboratory, student collaborative project area, electrical engineering classroom, engineering design studio, and collaboration conference room. Reed Hall of Science is home to not only engineering, but also the departments of biological sciences and physical sciences. Modern green building materials were used to create warmth and texture throughout the new building. Our Chicago Style cable railing was chosen for its high tech industrial look in the spacious lobby area which features a large water sculpture to greet you as you enter the facility. Lots of glass, natural light and a transparent cable railing design keep the space feeling open with great visibility of the surroundings. You can also find our Chicago cable railing in the arboretum stairs, laboratory balcony and catwalk. Our unique Chicago Style cable railing sits perfectly in an environment that was purposefully built to inspire students to create and have new ideas of their own.

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Second Floor Seating Area University Entry Balcony Chicago Cable Railing View From Above Chicago Cable Railing Spacious Lobby With Chicago Cable Railing ADA Complient Graspable Stair Handrail Seamless Handrail Transition Down Stairs Steel Catwalk Labratory Chicago Railing Labratory Overlook Chicago Cable Railing Labratory Chicago Cable Railing Balcony