Store entry with wide staircase – Ithaca, New York

Stairs with Ithaca Style Cable Railing

Location: Ithaca, NY

Material and Finish: Powder coated “raven black” steel posts with wood top rail.

Description: Ithaca Style cable railing and wide double stringer steel staircase.


Cayuga Ski and Cyclery located in Ithaca NY needed to expand. Additional space was needed in order to provide display space for their growing bicycle business. A grand staircase with stainless steel cable railing was devised to bring customers from the lower level to their newly remodeled second floor showroom. The monumental staircase is encountered as soon as you enter the store and has an inviting and open feeling. This encourages customers of the shop to feel welcome to browse upstairs. An important design consideration was that the staircase be wide enough to carry bicycles, skis and accessories to the upper and lower levels, as needed. Since this would take up valuable floor space, the landing ceiling was designed high enough to allow additional display area underneath it. The owner liked the look of the cables, turnbuckle hardware and round tube shapes of the handrail as these design elements fit well with the bicycles he sells. We arched the graspable handrails at the bottom of the stairs to simulate a bicycle frame which the owner thought was a nice touch. At the top of the stairs the hand rail wraps around the wood pillars. Arched riser plates were fabricated to keep the rise opening less than four inches and code compliant. The staircase and cable railing system were completely custom made to meet the requirements of the customer and the retail site.

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Cable Railing By Keuka Studios On Interior Retail Staircase Custom Handrailing On This Stair Wraps Around Top Wooden Post Handrail Design On This Metal Staircase To Work With Wood Floors And Retail Space Monumental Stair In A Bike Shop Staircase And Railing Expertly Designed And Built By Craftsman At Keuka Studios The Staircase In This Store Leads To The Second Level Wood Stair With Metal Handrail And Wood Top rail