Yacht Club Railings – British Virgin Islands

Powder coated stainless steel cable railings in the British Virgin Islands

Location: Oil Nut Bay, British Virgin Islands

Builder: Victor International

Architect: OBMI International – Coral Gables, FL

Material and Finish: Powder coated “white” stainless steel posts with teak wood top rail.

Description: Ithaca Style cable railing.


In the picturesque bay called the north Sound at the end of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands sits the Yacht Club Costa Smerlda. The singular Caribbean location for the international regattas and events organized and hosted by YCCS. With berths available up to 300 ft, this is the premiere yacht club in all of the Caribbean.

We were naturally excited when Victor International contacted us to design and fabricate railings for the club house for this project.

Of all the various railing types, cable railing systems are the natural choice for a nautical setting such as this. After reviewing our website, Victor International was impressed with our quality and our ability to adapt our designs to tricky situations. They chose a white powder coated “stainless steel” version of our Ithaca Style railing with a teak wood top rail. This combination of materials was used in order to withstand the harsh salt water environment and blend with the nautical setting without being to glitzy. The railing posts were core drilled into the concrete structure then tiled was fitted around them. We custom CNC machined Escutcheon plates for the bases to finish them off and provide a clean look. One unique feature was a creative solution for terminating the railing at the top of the stairs into a headboard plate inspired anchor. The railing surrounds the terrace and dining areas allowing for a stunning view of the ocean, sailing vessels, and distant islands.

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Keuka Studios custom cable railings created for YCCS in the British Virgin Islands. Aerial view of YCCS Marina. YCCS yachts in the British Virgin Islands. Specially designed railing parts for any unique situation. Patio view through the powder coated stainless railing. Keuka Studios Cable railings at YCCS British Virgin Islands