Modern Staircase with Stainless Steel Railing – Greenwich, CT

modern staircase

Location: Greenwich, CT

Builder: Redwood Construction and Consulting

Material and Finish: This Ithaca style staircase and railing is made of black powder coated steel Zig Zag stringers, with 316 stainless steel railing posts and stair risers. The stair treads and top rail are white oak.

Description: Multi-Level modern staircase with Ithaca style cable railing and zig zag stringers.


A custom designed modern staircase by Keuka Studios adds style as well as functionality to this home in Greenwich CT.  It was designed to blend a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel and wood.  The multi-level zig zag stringer is made of powder coated black steel with 316 stainless steel stair posts and risers.  The stair treads and handrail are made of white oak and each step has LED lighting. This floating staircase transcends 3 stories and still appears light weight since much of the steel structure was designed to be hidden in the walls and landing.

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