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5 Ocean View Cable Railing Decks

Pool Deck Railing in the background view from the open living space with Pergola night lighting.

Cable Railing Ocean View Inspiration

For any oceanfront property, the view of the water is a design focal point. With cable railing, the cables blend in with the sea beyond, creating an unobstructed view. At Keuka Studios, we design our cable rail with your home or business’ unique location in mind. For exterior design inspiration, check out these seaside railings we’ve designed for clients.


Cable Railing by Keuka Studios used on this Indoor outdoor living space

1. Hawaii Dining with an Ocean View

This home on Kauai Island, aptly named “Hale Ike Mala” (“Love of the Garden” in English), incorporates Keuka Studios Kauai Style cable railing. For this Hawaiian mid-century modern home, the architect and builders created a building that seamlessly combines indoor and outdoor living spaces. Our Kauai Style railing takes this home to the next level by integrating an unobstructed view of the ocean, flora, and fauna into the architectural design.


Cable railing on deck overlooking North Shore harbor

2. North Shore Natural Design

Located in the historic North Shore of Massachusetts, this harbor home sits on a natural cliff overlooking the ocean. Featured in North Shore Magazine, this home cohesively combines stone, steel, and wood. Both the deck and indoor staircase have Ithaca Style railing.



Pool Deck Railing in the background view from the open living space with Pergola night lighting.

3. Turks and Caicos Private Villa

In Providenciales, Turks and Caicos you’ll find the luxury vacation rental of your dreams. The Villa Capri overlooks turquoise water perfect for snorkeling. Complete with an infinity pool, the villa has four king-size bedrooms, a 4,000 square foot patio, and a private wood dock. To preserve the view of the azure ocean, Villa Capri installed Keuka Studios’ Ithaca Style railing on the seaside perimeter. The railings have solid aluminum posts and silver powder-coated aluminum top rail.


4. Oceanside in Old Greenwich

The backyard of this Old Greenwich, Connecticut home has both horizontal and vertical cable railing. The horizontal Ithaca Style railing preserves the view of both the pool and ocean from the back porch. For added safety, we designed verticle cable fencing and a matching gate in stainless steel for the pool area. The property also includes Keuka Studios cable railing on an exterior staircase, second-floor balconies, and on top of a stone retaining wall.


Pool deck railing overlooking the ocean on the Jersey shore.

5. Jersey Shore Outdoor Lounge

Perfect for suntanning and a swim, the deck on this Jersey Shore home features an Ithaca Style cable railing system. The railing surrounds an outdoor living space complete with a pool, lounge area, and bar that directly overlooks the ocean. The cable railing was made with a Brazilian walnut (ipe) top rail and 6061 T6 clear anodized aluminum to withstand the saltwater environment.


Have questions about cable railing? Visit our website, To discuss ordering and installing Keuka Studios cable railing, contact Jason White at or (585) 487-6148.

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4 Mountain View Cable Railing Decks

Mountain View Cable Railing Inspiration

A home tucked away high in the mountains that overlooks vast forest and valleys sounds like any nature lover’s dream. With an organic mountain vista all around you, the architecture of your home shouldn’t stand in the way of the view. Rather, it should enhance it. By installing cable railing on your deck or patio, you’ll have both modern design and a natural, unobstructed view.

Keuka Studios has created cable railings systems for homes in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, the Rocky Mountains of Montana, the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, and the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. If you need design inspiration for your mountain home, take a look at these cable railings we’ve designed for customers to maximize their aerial views.

Timber deck with cable railing

1. The Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

Located near Biltmore Lake, this mountain home with a large timber frame incorporates Keuka Studios’ Ithaca Style railing. The railing has “Raven Black” steel posts and a Brazilian walnut top rail.

San Francisco deck with dining table and cable railing

2. San Francisco, California

For our client in San Francisco, we designed a cable railing that preserves this amazing overlook if you’re dining on the deck. The railing has a wood top rail and steel posts powder-coated in “Raven Black.”

Close up of silver powder-coated post and aluminum top rail

3. Bear Mountain, California

Keuka Studios designed cable railing for a California home that looks out on Big Bear Lake. The home near the popular Bear Mountain ski resort features a concrete curved deck with our Keuka Style cable railing. The photo below is a close-up of the railing’s “Silver Vein” powder-coated steel posts and matching aluminum top rail.

Slate deck with cable railing

4. Soquel, California

Our Ithaca Style cable railing preserves the view from this slate deck overlooking a California hillside. The railing features “Dazzling Pewter” powder-coated steel posts and a Brazilian walnut wood top rail.

Have questions about cable railing? Visit our website, To discuss ordering and installing Keuka Studios cable railing, contact Jason White at or (585) 487-6148.

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Understanding Floating Stairs

Glass railing staircase

At Keuka Studios, we custom design staircases based on your taste and needs. For clients who want an open, airy, or minimalist feel for their home or business, we recommend staircases with open risers. Also known as floating stairs, staircases with open treads allow light to pass through. Natural lighting, in combination with the weightless look of floating steps, creates an atmosphere of ease and elegance.

Floating staircases come in all shapes and styles. For a personalized, modern look, our team will work with you directly to design the perfect floating staircase. First, you’ll have to decide on the support structure you want for your stairs. Whether you prefer cantilevered stairs or want the support of a stringer, we’ll create a staircase that is sturdy but sleek.

Truly cantilevered stairs are only fixed on one side; the treads usually attach to a fixture built into a wall. On the opposite side, no structural support connects the steps to one another. However, because of building codes in the U.S., a handrail must run along the unfixed side of the treads.

Another popular floating stair style is the mono-stringer staircase. Instead of having fixation on one end of the treads, the support comes from a stringer running down the middle on the underside of each step. Keuka Studios designs and produces double-stringer stairs with open treads and floating spiral staircases.

For design inspiration, take a look at the different floating stair styles we’ve designed for customers:

Mono-stringer floating stairs

1. Grand Entry Mono-Stringer Staircase with Cable Railing

We designed this unique grand entry floating staircase for a client in Candlewood Lake, CT. This staircase includes curved steel posts powder-coated in “raven black,” Keuka Style cable railing, oak wood-top rail, and thick treads.


Glass railing staircase

2. Mono-Stringer Floating Stairs with Glass Railings

This modern mono-stringer glass railing staircase has steel posts powder-coated to look like copper. It features open-riser wood treads and our Ithaca Style cable railing.


Custom metal staircase

 3. Dazzling Pewter Spiral Staircase with Curved Cable Railing

This custom-made staircase features steel posts powder-coated in “dazzling pewter,” curved Keuka Style cable railing.



Open-tread stairs with black cable railing

4. Wooden Side-Mounted Double-Stringer Stairs with Black Railing
For this mountaintop home we designed Ithaca Style cable railing for a side-mounted double-stringer staircase. For the cables and fittings we used black stainless steel. The open-riser stair design allows for natural light to pass through the house.



Custom made double stringer steel floating staircase with Brazilian cherry treads.

5. Under-Mounted Double-Stringer Stairs with Cable Railing and Brazilian Cherry Wood Top Rail

For our client in Westchester County, we custom designed a floating double-stringer staircase. The steel has a “raven black” powder-coated finish and the Ithaca Style cable railing is topped with a Brazilian Cherry rail.



Floating staircase rendering

6. Cantilevered Stairs

As seen in this Keuka Studios rendering, cantilevered staircases don’t include a support stringer underneath the treads. Rather, each step is attached on one side to a fixture within the wall.



Interested in floating stairs? Contact us.

Email Jason White at or call (585) 487-6148 to discuss customization.

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Design Trend: Blackened Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for cable railing with the durability of stainless steel but aren’t a fan of the metal’s bright luster, then blackened stainless steel may be the perfect material for your new cable railing. Here at Keuka Studios, we now offer stainless steel cables and fittings with a black patina made from type 316 marine grade stainless steel.

With the black stainless steel appliance trend still gaining steam in 2018, our product carries this unique look beyond the kitchen. By incorporating black stainless steel cable railing into interior staircases or balconies, you can create a sleek, cohesive look throughout your home. To achieve a minimalist, rustic, or urban-modern interior design, blackened stainless steel will give an understated look to your railing system. Plus, the blackened metal will seamlessly match dark or muted hues on your walls or within your decor.

When it comes to exterior staircases and decks, black stainless steel cable railing can heighten transparency, depending on the location. If your home or business has a naturally dark environment, for example, if your deck overlooks a wooded area, black stainless steel blends into the background and thus doesn’t distract from the view.

Interested in black stainless steel? Contact us today. 

Email Jason White at or call (585) 487-6148 to discuss customization. 

Black cable railing in mountain home interior.

Open-tread stairs with black cable railing


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